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HJT Summer Event 2019

HJT was proud to host it’s trainers and staff at our annual Summer Event this past week to celebrate the year so far, to congratulate Androulla Demetriou for 10 years of service, and formally announce her new position as Managing Director of HJT Training.

With a diverse group of immigration practitioners from all across the UK (and from as far as Sierra Leone), getting our team together is a wonderful opportunity to catch up and review the first half of 2019. With 32 public training sessions under our belt for the year so far, we’ve seen a vast group of practitioners through to their examinations with the OISC and Law Society. This year HJT began delivering free training sessions for charities and NGO firms to showcase our Mastering Immigration Law resource, as part of our programme to make our resources as affordable and available to the public as possible. 

summer event
Mark Symes, Maha Sardar, Paris Sazida, Sandra Akinbolu & Rimmy Bedi


summer event
Rimmy Bedi, David Jones, Androulla Demetriou, Andrew Demetriou


During our Summer Event, HJT Trainer Brendan Beder (Beder & Harrison), delivered a fantastic and comical talk on Wellbeing for us during the event that offered great insight into how mindful we are of ourselves and the people around us. HJT wants to make sure that our trainers are delivering the most effective and comprehensive training available, and it’s important that we keep our trainers as informed, and well prepared for their sessions too, which is why we incorporate regular sessions for our trainers like this into our events.

Brendan Beder


Brendan Beder & Maha Sardar


We still have so much to look forward to this year, with the release of our 2019 Immigration Manual (MIL Resource), Judicial Review Conference 2019 and the upcoming launch of our new online OISC level 1 training course, which will include a brand new Level 1 Immigration Manual and a fully accredited interactive distance learning course. 

summer event
Antonia Randall-Brandwood, Brendan Beder, Khadija Rahman, Jane Aspden


As always HJT wishes to make our training options and schedule as relevant as possible, and we would be grateful for any requests, feedback and enquiries that our customers have, to be sent directly to us by email

Here is a list of scheduled course so far for the remaining of 2019…

OISC level 1

OISC level 1 Manchester 

OISC level 2 & 3 Exam Revision 

Public Access Sept

OISC level 1 Sept

Setting up an OISC firm

EU Settlement Scheme

IAAS (level 1 & 2) Revision

IAAS Supervisor

Running an OISC firm

OISC level 1 Oct

Tier 2 HR Compliance & how to ensure you are up to date

IAAS level 2 / OISC level 3 

OISC level 2

OISC level 1 Nov

Public Access Nov

OISC level 1 Dec

Judicial Review Conference 2019




30th July 2019

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