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After studying the taster course and completing the activities in it, you will know about:

  • the main sources of UK immigration law, including the framework for immigration legislation
  • some aspects of the work of an immigration adviser
  • the key personnel and terminology related to immigration law
  • and in addition, you will have developed several practical and professional skills required in this area.

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Open University

We are pleased to announce that HJT Training has partnered with The Open University to create a comprehensive online training available for those working in Immigration Law. These online courses will be of particular interest to anyone with an interest in immigration law and especially helpful for those considering becoming an immigration adviser. The courses can be studies via the Open university Website.


OISC Level 1

Our Foundations of UK immigration law (OISC Level 1) is a short course to support individuals seeking to become registered at OISC Level 1. It is around 40 hours duration and is broken up into short units of study to allow flexibility in how you complete it. Each of the 15 units covers the subjects included in the OISC Level 1 exam syllabus. It includes the necessary skills, knowledge and links to relevant sources of law on the topic concerned. The learning materials contain explanations, videos, self-test quizzes, assignments and sample test questions to help you prepare effectively for the OISC Level 1 examination.

The course is designed to be flexible, allowing you to study at your own pace. Having studied the course and completed the activities you will have gained knowledge of the:

  • structure and sources of immigration law, including the framework of the immigration legislation
  • procedure for making applications under the Immigration Rules
  • structure and operation of the Immigration Rules
  • scope for applications outside the rules
  • appropriate application forms, fees and supporting documentation
  • types of immigration decision that may be made in an individual’s case dependent upon the stage of the entry or expulsion process that they have reached
  • personnel and terminology relating to immigration law

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OISC Level 2 & 3

Advanced UK Immigration Law (OISC Level 2 & 3) course is designed for individuals interested in learning about the complex aspects of UK Immigration law and to become OISC Level 2 or 3 accredited. is designed for individuals interested in learning about the complex aspects of UK Immigration law.

You learn about the UK’s Immigration Rules, explore exceptions to those Rules, including Leave Outside the Rules, consider the skills and competencies required in practice including those required in making an application on behalf of a client. Covering the OISC Level 2 and 3 syllabi the course provides an opportunity for you to learn more about this specialist area of practice and provides opportunities for those planning to undertake the OISC Level 2 or 3 examination to practice their examination skills.

Designed for flexible study this unique course is structured around 15 units and an online immigration law manual. Developed in partnership and bringing together the expertise of the OU and HJT training, the course focuses on supported online learning containing specific subject area written units, video and audio materials, online activities, opportunities to self-assess progress, for reflection, skills development, consolidation of learning for examination preparation.

On successful completion of this course, you gain knowledge of:

  • specific areas of UK immigration law set out in the OISC Levels 2 and 3 syllabi.
  • the skills and competencies required at OISC Level 2 or 3.
  • the permitted work of an OISC Level 2 or 3 immigration advisor.
  • the role of the OISC syllabus and OISC examination resources.
  • Register your interest in this OISC Level 1 exam preparation course

Register your interest in this OISC Level 2 & 3 exam preparation course

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HJT Training now offers a free 30 minute course delivered by an expert trainer. The session is delivered via Zoom and all your fee earners can join in. You can choose any of these sessions:

  • Appeals and judicial reviews in the coronavirus era: managing Directions, remote hearings, and written submissions.
  • Making immigration applications to UKVI under lockdown.
  • Private and family life update.
  • Asylum and international protection update.

Interested in more in-house training? Choose from any of the courses listed below. We are flexible on price, charging from £60 per delegate. Our average course lasts 90-120 minutes, and features a live speaker supported by the most up-to-date information on Powerpoint slides.

The flexibility of our service means that, with our recommendations, you can have what you want, where you want, when you want, so you as our client maintain control over the training you receive.

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What the participants say

Emile Kouame – Gurkha Solicitors

It was very useful taking the demo presentation. Shareen was very knowledgeable about the contents and the areas of the immigration. I feel very privileged to listen to her about the great contents Mastering Immigration Law offers. I have been practicing immigration for ages but refreshing to know how my work can improve with the subscription.

Bethany Webb-Strong – Seraphus Solicitors

Shareen was very engaging and explained the HJT training services clearly and concisely. The demo was very useful in introducing the training modules and showed me how to navigate the website and make the most of all the resources available. It could be useful to explain about how at the end of each module there are videos which recap and explain the parts of each module – I actually intend to listen to these first to give some background to the chapter and then begin a more thorough study of each module.

Asylum Aid

I would like to thank you and Julian Build for preparing me very well for the immigration supervising caseworker exam, which I have passed with 88%. I couldn’t have done it without your support.

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