Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I book a course?

You can book and pay online through our website and over the telephone. An automatic response will be sent to your specified email address confirming your booking. Your place is not secure until payment is received.

How much do HJT courses cost?

Prices range depending on the number of hours on offer. You can benefit by booking early as discounted rates are usually offered up to 1 week prior to the course date. Discounts are also applied for block and multiple bookings.

Do prices include VAT?

The price you see listed is exclusive of VAT. All products will be subject to VAT unless otherwise stated. VAT is automatically added to your bill at checkout.

How can I fulfil my CPD hours?

You can fulfil your hours by booking and attending any of HJT’s courses or completing any of our online studies. CPD hours range from 1 hour – 24 hours. Please refer to your membership bodies for details of the number of hours that you are required to complete. Please be aware that we also offer non-core CPD hours which can be completed by attending our management & diversity public courses or by booking us to deliver non-core training in-house.

Is there a requirement I need to meet before I book a course with HJT?

No, there is no requirement to attend any of our courses

How can I claim my CPD hours?

You can claim your CPD hours by contacting your membership body and quoting our company name ‘HJT Training Ltd’ and the details of the course you completed. If you wish to register your CPD hrs with the Law Society then please also quote our provider reference number: CNQ/MSDJ.

Are HJT courses OISC accredited?

Yes, the OISC recognises HJT Training as approved CPD providers. This applies to our public, in-house and online courses. We are recognised by the OISC (HJT Training), Law Society, Bar Standards Board (ID 1406) and OCN.

Are HJT courses delivered regionally?

Most of our courses are delivered online over zoom. They are live, all you require is internet connection to join.

Do you provide in house training?

Yes, please contact the HJT office on 07544164692 or email to discuss what in-house packages we can offer you.

I need to sit and pass the IAAS or OISC?

Choose the course that is most appropriate to your needs. The four-day course is intended for OISC Level 3 and the two-day course is intended for OISC Level 2. We hold a 1 day IAAS training session. The trainers will usually refer to the exams during the training, but the main emphasis is on teaching you about immigration and asylum law, not examination technique. We strongly recommend that you book onto the examination revision day if you are taking the IAAS exams. These courses are delivered by examiners or those with intimate knowledge of the exams and make use of HJT’s collection of specially devised exam questions, marking schemes and model answers.

How can I receive details of HJTs upcoming courses?

You may register on our mailing list here

I know nothing about immigration law but would like to learn some basics. What does HJT suggest?

The two-day course  is probably most suitable. The trainees often have a wide range of pre-existing knowledge but the trainers will explain immigration law from the basics upwards. Some prior legal knowledge would be an advantage but is not absolutely necessary. The two day course might be what you are looking for if you work in public services and have contact with immigrants and asylum seekers, for example.

Is there anything more basic than the two-day course available?

Yes, HJT Training delivers a basic introduction to immigration law. This course is aimed at a level equivalent to OISC Level 1.

What is the difference between the two-day and four-day courses?

The two day course is essentially a stripped down version of the four day course and is pitched at a lower level. It covers a lot of the same ground, but in a bit less depth.

How much time is there for discussion and questions?

Immigration law is a vast and complex area of law. While HJT Training has developed and delivered courses taking over two weeks with detailed case studies, examples and exercises, there is insufficient demand to run such courses publicly. The four and two day courses are highly intensive as there is so much to deliver in the short time available. However, there is always a chance to ask questions and our experienced trainers will illustrate the course with real life examples.

Do I receive a certificate upon completion of your courses?

Yes. Certificates are issued upon request and once full payment is completed.

How does online training work?

HJT now has a range of online courses on Once you have paid for the online course you will have access to this course in your account you will have access to relevant materials, you should study these carefully. You will then be ready to complete the multiple choice questions (MCQs). You must attempt all the questions. There is no time limit but the number of CPD hours on offer indicates the estimated maximum time it should take for you to read the training material and complete the MCQs. In order to pass the assessment and gain CPD credit you must obtain at least 65%. HJT Training marks the MCQs using marking schemes drawn up by suitably qualified assessors. CPD hours can only normally be claimed if the answers are returned to us within twenty one days of receiving the course materials.

How do I claim online CPD hours?

You cannot claim CPD hours for reading without demonstrating your understanding in some way. To claim CPD hours you must therefore apply your knowledge by answering the multiple choice questions about the materials you have read. MIL has been tested on legal professionals with varying degrees of knowledge and experience, on which basis we have determined this course and its accompanying questions should take one hour to complete.

Who do I contact to book the IAAS or OISC exam?

You should contact the Law Society directly for the IAAS exam and the OISC to book the OISC exam. Dates are scheduled directly on their websites.

How is Mastering Immigration Law assessed?

By Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)  In order to pass the assessment and gain CPD credit you must correctly answer half of the total number of questions. The site will inform you of your mark instantly when you complete your answers.

What is included in the 21 free trial in Mastering Immigration law subscription?

Covid 19: Immigration Law, policy & procedure, Module 1, will take you through the fundamentals of Immigration Control, Module 2, will cover two main areas: Understanding the Immigration Rules & recurring requirements, and the operation of the Home Office Guidance the supplements the Immigration Rules, Module 3, will cover the Immigration Rules on Visitors and Module 4, we look at non business/family routes, Home Office concessions, modern slavery & statelessness

Could I skip the free trial and access the full MIL subscription?

Yes, you may inform the operations team, they will charge your card and give full access.

How can I purchase the HJT Immigration manual?

The manual is sold only with Mastering Immigration Law subscription, which costs £249. Just place your order and complete payment. The manual will not be sent to you until payment is received. The manual is also available in eBook form within Mastering Immigration Law (MIL).

How much does the HJT manual cost?

The manual is sold only with Mastering Immigration Law subscription, which costs £249. Books are VAT exempt by law. Our price includes postage and packaging for all UK based orders. Surcharges will be applied to cover any international deliveries.

Is the MIL subscription an automatic renewal, if so, can I cancel?

The subscription renews every year, if you do not wish to continue, you must cancel your subscription in your account. Should you cancel, your subscription will not renew on your renewal date. You will still have access until your renewal date.

Is there a returns/refund policy for the Mastering Immigration Law subscription & manual?

Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued once renewal and payment has been taken, and any of our publications have been dispatched. MIL subscription must be cancelled before your renewal date for you not to be charged.

How can I pay for a course or product?

Secure payment can be made via Opayo (previous known as SagePay. You can continue securely for payment or make payment via BACS transfer. All sensitive/credit information you supply is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.
Please contact the HJT office if you require our bank account details for BACS. Full payment must be received before you can attend a course or order a product.

Do I need a Opayo account to pay online?

No you don’t.

What is the difference between the ‘special price’ and ‘standard price?

The ‘special price’ is in fact an early booking discount. If you book your course a week before the course commencement you will receive the ‘special price.’ It could also be a special offer.

Who do I write the cheque payable to?

HJT Training Ltd.

Is Opayo as secure as PayPal?

Yes, you can view their security policy by clicking on the following link:

Can I book and pay over the telephone?

Yes. You will get through to a member of the HJT team to whom you can provide details of your desired product/booking, your address and payment information. Once payment is complete your order will be processed and your product or course booking confirmation will be sent to you.

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