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A first of it’s kind online subscription service that provides you with all the essential immigration knowledge you require, you can use it as a training aid or simply as a reference tool. We cover many topics, navigating the immigration rules, EEA residence rights, Nationality applications, Appendix FM and private life applications, Deportation and removals, Points Based System and the case law interpreting it, Asylum claims and many more.

Our resource, which is regularly updated during the currency of your subscription, is presented in a user-friendly style with hundreds of Multiple Choice Questions with fully explained answers that you can use to check your understanding as you progress. Hyperlinks to every significant legal authority and Home Office policy, a selection of video presentations by our expert trainers/directors summarising the key points from each module, top tips for your everyday practice, diagrams of procedures and processes, free ebooks, online courses and the latest copy of 18th Edition Immigration Manual (released Autumn 2018) information, check out our demo video below or speak to one of our sales advisers on 020 3766 3860.

Free Resources Included


Regular Monthly Updates will be provided to all subscribers throughout the duration of their subscription. These updates include new legislation, legal documents, videos, quizzes, updated policies and rules. Blog updates will be emailed to Subscribers every month with changes and accessed immediately, to show your competence to your accrediting body. See here recent updates


Our eBooks aim to maximise training benefits but minimising impact on your working schedule. Included in the subscription are a set of eBooks: Judicial Review in The Upper Tribunal, Bail & Detention, International Protection, Private Life Resource & 2018 Edition Immigration Manual with many more added throughout the year.

Online Training

Additional online training course are accessible via your MIL subscription including, Victims of Domestic Violence, Administrative Review, Applying For Leave To Remain, General Grounds for Refusal. These courses have been chosen to help bolster the materials provided in our resource, additions will be made throughout the year.


We want to provide our subscribers and immigration practitioners with an easy and effective way to show their competence to the OISC, SRA and BAR. With just a click you will be able to download our updates and include them in your training plan. These are essential to your Activity. Get your CPD with this Subscription. We also provide Keeling Schedule statement of changes and Case Law updates, exclusive to subscribers.


During it’s lifetime, the manual has evolved to become the leading introductory text for new immigration practitioners and for students of immigration law. Thousands of new immigration lawyers and advisers have been trained by HJT Training using the manual.  Which is now why the manual has evolved into an online subscription, to give practitioners the most up to date encyclopedic resource possible.

We dedicate Mastering Immigration Law to our much missed friends and colleagues Gail Elliman, Navtej Ahluwalia and Jake Dutton

Mastering Immigration Law Manual (2018)

What's New?

Available for with our Mastering Immigration Law Subscription service, this 2018 edition Immigration Manual, has been comprehensively updated to include all the major changes as of the law October 2018.

With the ever changing law and Brexit looming, Mastering Immigration Law has been extensively updated and amended every month to provide Practitioners with the most up to date information, something a book publication does not provide, which is why this Edition is being released together with the subscription exclusively.

We want our customers to stay as informed and up to date as possible and with this comprehensive product you won’t miss a thing!

The Immigration Manual has references to case law, policies and rules essential for any immigration practitioner. By bundling our Mastering Immigration Law online resource with our manual, you can access these fundamental sources instantaneously through your computer or mobile device. You’ll never have to worry about our manual being out of date with our regular stream of updates pouring in, print off the relevant sections you need from the subscription and keep your knowledge as current as possible!  Perfect for sitting your assessments too!

The paperback manual will include changes such as:

  1. New section on immigration bail and re-written section on the new tribunal guidance
  2. Statements of Changes HC309, HC895 and HC1154 fully applied throughout
  3. New section on Appendix ECAA
  4. Updated section on implications of Brexit negotiations on free movement rights and applications in practice
  5. New section on Dubs Amendment (‘s67’) leave
  6. Overview tables of requirements in individual categories
  7. Applications fees as at 6 April 2018 applied throughout
  8. Significant case law- and policy developments  on victims torture, detention of vulnerable adults, Art 3 and HP
  9. The new body of EIGs and other re-named and re-ordered policies and applications forms applied and fully hyperlinked throughout
  10. Significant case law developments relating to EEA free movement and 2018 EEA Amendment Regs applied throughout
  11. Developments relevant to Windrush type cases (nationality, settlement or human rights), new concessions and procedures
  12. Up to date status of the removal of historic discrimination in nationality cases, remedial order implementation and citizenship fees for children

7 Day Free Trial

Still not convinced? Why not sign up today and try out the service for FREE for 7 days. If you’re still not interested, you can cancel at any time during your trial and not be charged a thing!

The trial period will give you access to all 17 Modules of the online resource which includes videos and quizzes for you to use. The trial period will however limit your access to any downloadable content, you will not receive access to our eBooks or Online Courses, and our manual will not be dispatched.

If you decide to sign up to our service, you will be charged 7 days after signing up and a copy of the 18th edition Immigration Manual will be dispatched out to you upon release.

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