What does it include?

With the new CPD scheme introduced for solicitors, barristers and OISC advisers, HJT would like to help you to meet your training needs. Fixed CPD hour targets are GONE! The old system is REPLACED by a strict process ASSESSING AND ASSURING your firm’s training regime. So the responsibility is now on the managers of firms to ensure they have ROBUST systems in place.

Here is what you need to know:


The OISC has introduced major changes to CPD and will take effect from July 2016. Important changes to note:

Regulated organisations will still need to demonstrate to the OISC that they have considered each registered person’s CPD requirements and that the outcome from the learning has been effective in them being able to maintain their competence in the areas they have been authorised to work in. This will be monitored through the OISC’s premises audits and spot checks.


New CPD rules have been in force since April 2015. The new scheme is mandatory from 1st November 2016. The new system requires more planning, you may no longer sit through 16 hours of training and meet requirements, you will now be required to sit and plan your training needs. You may read about what the SRA expect from you here.


From 1st January 2017 CPD will change. The summary on the BSB website the changes are as follows:

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