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Brexit: Catch Our Breath

The hurdle jumps and final gallop at the end of the first stage of the negotiations in December 2017 may …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenJan 19,18

Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates December 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we have one more exciting set of updates available to subscribers as a parting …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingDec 22,17

Ireland and Citizens’ Rights Again

As has been previously identified and one would think is now widely understood, the first stage of the Brexit negotiations …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenDec 1,17

REAL BREXIT – First Instance Effects

Yesterday, Monday 20th November 2017, the EU 27 European affairs ministers took the decision to move two European agencies from …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenNov 21,17

Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates Oct 2017

Another month, another update for our subscribers! We recently updated you on all the major changes included in your subscription …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingOct 20,17

The results from the Week…

So on, Thursday 12th October 2017, saw both sides of the Brexit talks give their roundup of the progress made …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenOct 18,17

Where are we up to Now?

Monday 09 October 2017 saw the commencement of the fifth round of Brexit talks. Given the portentous nature of this …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenOct 11,17

The Island of Ireland – Still a Sticking Point

On 16th August 2017 the UK government published a Position Paper outlining the Government’s position relating to the land border …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenOct 3,17

Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates Sept 2017

Our Mastering Immigration Law Subscription has been updated with new content for your CPD activity! With the 17th edition of …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingSep 19,17

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