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EU’s Chief Negotiator on trade after Brexit

According to a Reuters report published on Thursday 6th July 2017 at 08.39 BST, Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenJul 6,17

The UK Position on Citizens’ Rights Part 1

A Position Paper, The United Kingdom’s Exit from The European Union- Safeguarding the Position of EU Citizens Living in the …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenJun 30,17

The Northern Irish Question

Why is the proposed Tory DUP link disturbing to many people?  It is all to do with the history of …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenJun 23,17

Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates

With summer fast approaching, HJT is treating it’s subscribers to some news as delightful as the sunshine. Our Mastering Immigration …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingJun 21,17

Brexit Negotiations – Day 1

The chief EU negotiator, Michel Barnier stated his position: “The UK has asked to leave the EU, not the other …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenJun 20,17

Snippets from Spain Part 2

To illustrate what was stated on the Spanish perspective of Brexit in the blog, Snippets from Spain part 1, Brexit …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenJun 19,17

Snippets from Spain Part 1

Sat in a beautiful, bountiful orchard in Orgiva just to the south of the Sierra Nevada National Park, seems like …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenJun 15,17

Election News: May’d UP?

Apparently Theresa May has reached a deal with the DUP and is going to the Queen at 12.30 today to …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenJun 9,17

Essential Principles of Citizen’s Rights – EU Position Paper

Following on from last Monday’s EU Council Press release, 22nd May 2017, which announced the formal authorisation of the opening …Read More

Profile PhotoJane AspdenJun 5,17

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