Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates February 2023

We’ve got the latest updates from UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) that you can’t afford to miss. Let’s have a peak on the updates that matter most.

The recent Shamima Begum case emphasised the role of national security assessments, where private and family life interests rarely outweigh security concerns. Remember, post-decision evidence matters, so build a strong case from start to finish.

In BG [2022] UKUT 338 (IAC), the duty of candour in age assessment JRs took the spotlight. It’s crucial to diligently analyse and disclose relevant social media messages, ensuring reasonableness and proportionality. Don’t forget to protect young individuals’ privacy rights.

The case of MAH (Egypt) [2023] EWCA Civ 216 highlighted the assessment of risk in refugee status determination. Consider the truthfulness of an asylum seeker’s account, granting the benefit of the doubt. Remember, a material error in logic is an error of law.

Effective from February 23, 2023, the Home Office has introduced streamlined asylum processing. Positive decisions can now be made without interviews for applicants from specific countries. Timely and comprehensive responses to the asylum questionnaire are essential to avoid claims being treated as withdrawn.

Keep an eye on NBA 2022 s32, impacting asylum claims lodged from June 28, 2022. It introduces the balance of probabilities as the standard of proof in certain scenarios. Stay informed about its interpretation in case law.

Staying up to date with these developments is vital for any immigration practitioner. National security assessments, duty of candour in age assessment JRs, streamlined asylum processing, and the evolving standard of proof in refugee cases are key areas to focus on. By staying informed, you’ll serve your clients better and navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

Remember, knowledge is your path to success in the ever-changing world of immigration, Mastering Immigration law has been updated by Mark Symes to reflect all the major changes in the last few months.

Happy practicing!

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