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Legal update for week 8th November 2018 to 14th November 2018

14/11/18 Press statement on Brexit progress; Draft Withdrawal Agreement ; Withdrawal Agreement explainer and Technical Explanatory note on Articles 6-8 …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteNov 14,18

Legal update for week 1st November 2018 to 7 November 2018

7/11/18 Kousar & Ors 2018 EWCA Civ 2462 guidance on “Basnet” principle; FTT had no jurisdiction to hear appeal on …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteNov 7,18

Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates October 2018

As promised in our previous update post we have now updated our Mastering Immigration Law subscription with the newly in …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingNov 5,18

Legal update for week 25th October 2018 to 31st October 2018

31/10/18 Bangladesh: country policy and information notes stated change: CPIN Bangladesh Prison conditions dated March 2015 has been removed 31/10/18 …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteOct 31,18

Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates August & September 2018

With another year under our belt, Mastering Immigration Law (MIL) comes full circle with the release of its brand new …Read More

Profile PhotoHJT TrainingOct 26,18

Legal update for week 18th October 2018 to 24th October 2018

24/10/18 Pereira, KO (Nigeria) and Ors (Appellants) 2018 UKSC 53 re: “qualifying children” under Part 5A NIAA 2002 & related …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteOct 25,18

Legal update for week 11th October 2018 to 17th October 2018

17/10/18 UD v XB C-393/18: Art8(1) Reg 2201/2003 requires that a child must be physically present to be habitually resident, …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteOct 17,18

Statement of changes HC 1534, 11 October 2018

The main purposes of this Statement of Changes , as they are stated in its explanatory memorandum , are summarised below. However, watch …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteOct 12,18

Legal update for week 4th October 2018 to 10th October 2018

10/10/18 Outline Law Society on fast-tracked immigration appeals presenting grave obstacles to fairness and undermine the rule of law 10/10/18 …Read More

Profile PhotoAgneteOct 10,18

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