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Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates March 2018

Ever the one to make an entrance, the sun has finally arrived in London and of course did an exit, so Spring is official here! We’ve been working hard on updating our Mastering Immigration Law Subscription service with all the changes finalised in March, and below our subscribers will find a link to each module with updated content.

Please make sure you are logged in to successfully access your subscription service using the links below. You will now be able to access each individual module directly from the Curriculum page via the “Details” button below the unit title like below:

All updates for March 2018 are accessible here:

  1. New HO fees to take effect from 6 April 2018 changes applied throughout MIL 5.1 3.2 5.7 9.7.4 9.8.2 10.5.1 12.3.3 12.6
  2. Brexit: Outline of EU/UK Draft Withdrawal Agreement of 19 March 2018 1
  3. Statement of changes HC895, all changes in effect 6 April 2018 4.5 & 6.2.10
  4. Tikka on requiring someone to leave the UK to apply for EC where the case turns on human rights issues 2.8
  5. Ribeli on ADR entry clearance, evidence of unavailability of care and unmet needs; a sponsor’s free choice not to join the applicant abroad and the effect on proportionality 6.5
  6. Said on damages claims against the HO for extreme delay 5.7
  7. Elsakhawy and applicability of PACE code to marriage investigations 5.4
  8. MS (Pakistan) on when a negative NRM can be indirectly challenged via an appeal 3.10
  9. Charles on the effect of ‘not in accordance with the law’ on disposal of appeals 4.2 & 2.5
  10. Croatian workers – restrictions expiry date & updated guidance 1.1
  11. Baihinga and further guidance on what constitutes a refusal of a human rights claim 2.3
  12. MT and ET mere overstaying by parents vs a 7-year resident child’s best interests 3.2
  13. Proof of Concept for Extempore Judgment Pilot 2017 (MT & ET) 4.5
  14. Self-employed Turkish nationals – closure of ILR category and updated guidance 9.1.5
  15. Nationality, Good character: remedial order for removal of the requirement for those applying under provisions removing historic discrimination 1.5
  16. Syrian immigration concession; further authorisation and guidance 4.2.4
  17. Onwuje on work/business activities as an element of private life 4.2
  18. Leave outside the Rules (LOTR) guidance – first revision to policy since 2006 2.1
  19. Subject Access Request applications – new categories and the Data Protection Bill 1.1
  20. EEA derivative rights new Modernised Guidance and Chavez-Vilchez 4.7
  21. Revised Appendix FM 1.0(b) 10 year route policy now in Modernised Guidance and application of EX1 to non-resident parents 4, 5.1., 6.4.3 (main new section)
  22. Thapa and the FTT’s power under s9 TCE 2007 power to review and remake decisions 5.1
  23. Ahmed and the burden of proof where invalidation is due to failed fee payments 5.3.2 & cross-reference in & 14.2.11
  24. Shah and guidance on Cart JR grounds, misrepresentations and failure to follow policy 6.1.5 &
  25. JM(Zimbabwe) on the meaning of admissibility to a country for stateless grant of LTR 4
  26. Patel on certainty in the PBS context constraining the duty of fairness in PBS cases. 2.2
  27. SM (Algeria) affirmation of Khan and ECJ referral of questions as to certain adoptions render children as direct or extended family members for EEA free movement purposes 4.6
  28. PK(Ghana) on the unlawfulness of current guidance on trafficking victims 3.8
  29. Domestic Violence – re-written section on evidence in accordance with policy revision 3.2.2
  30. BA (Ghana) and the role of the tribunal in deprivation of nationality appeals 7.3.1
  31. AT on refusals of DVILR applications which are also human rights claims 3.2.3

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We hope you find these updates useful, please stay tuned for more!

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