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Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates June 2018 (Part 1)

Some early announcements and changes have HJT splitting this months updates into two parts to make sure our subscribers get all the relevant information they need! Online content has now been updated in line with changes from HC1154, in force from 6th July 2018.

Please see below for a list of updates:

  1. Meaning of reformulation of r39E(2) 1.5.4
  2. Closed immigration routes update re: Tier 1 (General) closure 2.1.4
  3. Update on operation of electronic visa waver scheme (only for citizens of Oman, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait) 3.2
  4. Minor update short-term study route – adults to comply with Part 15 3.5.6
  5. Amendment to r128A calculation of 5 years’ continuous residence in r128A applicable to Part 5: absences before 11 January 2018 to be calculated with reference to consecutive 12 month periods, not any 12 month period) 1.2
  6. Returning residents, whole section replaced 4.1.3
  7. New section on LTR for relevant Afghan citizens 4.2.14
  8. New section on section 67 (Dubs Amendment) leave 4.2.15
  9. Clarification in new rGen.1.16 that application of EX1 to LTR applications leads to 10-year route to settlement 6.1.3
  10. New KOLL requirements on ILR application for children turned 18 by time of settlement application where previously joined adoptive parents who have LTR, or came to UK for adoption 6.7.5
  11. Minor change losure of Tier 1(General) to ILR and removal of paras 7.4.1
  12. Amendment to r245AAA calculation of 5 years’ continuous residence for PBS: absences before 11 January 2018 to be calculated with reference to consecutive 12 month periods, not any 12 month period
  13. Minor change Tech Nation replaces Tech City UK 7.4.5
  14. Courses delivered with research institute RQF level 7/Level 11 SCQF or higher.7.6.5
  15. Appendix H update of nationalities and greater flexibility for place of application
  16. Minor update – no more employment as Student Sabbatical Officers for T4 Child 7.6.8
  17. Minor update ‘Office for Students’ etc – different funding body 7.6.9
  18. Croatian work restrictions no longer apply from 1 July 2018 11.1.1
  19. Removal of CR application forms for Croatians, and fee for ECAA ILR being full ILR fee 11.1.3
  20. New section on new appendix ECAA – ILR for Turkish workers, business persons and their families

In addition to the updates above, HJT has added a brand new eBook to the MIL Subscription for free, Update to International Protection. This can be downloaded for free by subscribers via the MIL | eBooks modules in your courses. 

Don’t forget to download all the free resources in your new MIL | Updates & Documentation module, where HJT’s Legal Researcher Agnete Gribkowski has neatly packaged some essential information for our subscribers, including documentation on the Keeling Schedule.

We would be grateful for subscribers’ feedback on any of our content and website functionality – please send by email to with subject heading ‘MIL suggestion box’. 

We hope you find these updates useful, please stay tuned for more!

If you require any assistance with your subscription, please call us today and we will be happy to help.

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All the best,

Andrew Demetriou,
Digital Marketing Executive @ HJT Training

10th July 2018

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