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Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates July 2020

With all of us finding a ‘new’ way of working, the subscription has never been more important as you can access anywhere in the world! 

We feel that Mastering Immigration Law is the most up to date resource there is, so please spread the word to friends and colleagues.

There are now 11 sessions of recorded videos in your Update & Documentation module. How to succeed with a sponsor licence application and Post licence considerations & Home Office compliance videos just added! Log in and check them out! Fee waivers: new case law added – Dzineku-Liggison [2020] UKUT 222 on the fee waiver test Good character refusals under paragraph 322(5): new case law added – Ashfaq [2020] UKUT on the importance of tax accountants’ evidence where dishonesty is alleged

4.2.16 Section 67 leave – Dubs Amendment leave: section updated as route now closed to new LTR applicants

4.2.20 Hong Kong BN(O) Visa for BN(O) citizens and their close family members: NEW SECTION on this category, to fully open in January 2021

6.2.2 English language requirement: reference to updated guidance document now including COVID-19 concession

6.2.3 Financial requirement: added reference to updated policy documents, now containing limited COVID-19 concessions

6.2.4 Immigration status: added reference to updated Appendix FM guidance, incorporating COVID-19 concessions relating to immigration status

6.7.5 Adopted children: added reference to new UKVI guidance on adopted children

8.4 The Convention reasons: new case law added – DH Afghanistan [2020] UKUT 223 on continued pursuit of refugee status even where SSHD concedes entitlement to Humanitarian Protection

8.4.4 Membership of a particular social group: new case law added – DH Afghanistan [2020] UKUT 223 on:

  • the reading of the Qualification Directive requirements with the Refugee Convention
  • the inclusion of those suffering certain types of mental disabilities in the PSG category

9.1.5 Asylum interview: added reference to new policy on the procedures relating to the resumption of substantive interviews Family reunion under Dublin 3: new case law added – BAA [2020] UKUT 227 on the exercise of discretion in the assessment of applications for family reunion outside the principal provisions, and under Reg 17

11.7.5 Definitions from Annex 1 of Appendix EU Part: reference to waiver of requirement for dependent relatives, of people of Northern Ireland only, to hold a BRC

12.3.1 Automatic acquisition – parent is British or settled at time of birth s1(1) BNA 1981: new case law added – Alake [2020] EWHC 1956 on circumstances in which HMPO might request voluntary DNA test to prove paternity

12.5.7 Citizenship ceremonies: added reference to resumption of ceremonies (virtual)

13.1.8 The Equality Assessment: reference to new policy Mental vulnerability and immigration detention added

13.2.2 Bail conditions: new case law added – Humnyntskyi [2020] EWHC 1912 (Admin) on the lawfulness of the current immigration bail accommodation policy Automatic deportation: new case law added –­­

  • SC Albania [2020] UKUT 187 on the jurisdiction in which relevant convictions must have taken place for automatic deportation to apply
  • KE (Nigeria) [2017] EWCCA Civ 1382 on the relevance of hospital order sentence to automatic deportation
  • MZ [2020] UKUT 225 Kiarie and Byndloss: The effectiveness of non-suspensive appeals: new case law added – Begum v SIAC & Ors [2020] EWCA Civ 918 on the circumstances in which an appellant, representing a security risk, may be permitted to return to the UK to participate in their appeal effectively

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24th August 2020

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