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Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates February 2022

The UK immigration front saw some sweeping changes in February 2022.

On 17th February 2022, the UK immigration landscape was taken by surprise when the Home Office announced the closure of Tier 1 Investor visa route. The Home Secretary, Priti Patel announced the reason of closure as the start of our renewed crackdown on fraud and illicit finance… For assurance, it was further stated by the Home Secretary that revisions to the Innovator route would be made by Autumn 2022 as an alternative to the former Tier 1 Investor route that will  “… provide an ambitious investment route which works more effectively in support of the UK’s economy.”

A floodgate of new schemes, Guidance and policies following the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This led to the introduction of immigration support for displaced Ukrainian migrants finding a safe refuge in the UK by way of Ukraine Family Scheme, revisions to extension schemes for Ukrainians and also prioritising decision making time for Ukrainian applicants.

On the case law front, three cases flagged important developments on further interpretations of the individual Rules.

SA Iraq [2022] UKUT 37 (IAC) addressed assessment metrics of risks under Refugee Convention and ECHR at the point of return, and refusal of voluntary departure.  DK [2022] EWCA Civ 120 confirmed that refugees were entitled to back child tax credit (a positive development).  The determination in FZ Afghanistan [2022] UKUT 71 (IAC) established that the Appellant’s death extinguishes their appeal.

Practical aspects of the UK migration witnessed alterations.  Guidance – Uploading evidence as part of your visa application was updated and so was the New Applicant’s guide to applying for a UK Skilled Worker visa.

These and many more useful updates have now been incorporated in our resources of Mastering Immigration Law (MIL).  

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