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Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates December 2018

2019 is in full swing here at HJT, but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we’ve got one final update for 2018 in our Mastering Immigration Law Subscription. Alongside our regular list of updates, all subscribers now have access to downloadable lists of Case Law for 2018, these can be accessed in your MIL | Updates & Documentation Module once you have logged in.

New/Updated Content

  • January 2018 Case Law
  • March 2018 Case Law
  • April 2018 Case Law
  • May 2018 Case Law
  • December 2018 Case Law

Individual updates to our units are listed below:

SM & Ors (Dublin Regulation – Italy) and the Art 3 threshold, which may be met on return to Italy for particularly vulnerable persons and BIPs

Unmarked, minor, HC1779 amendments: deletion of reference to r192(iv) and r192-SD 4.1.2

FA (Sudan), R (on app of) on the importance of having entered the UK as a partner to be eligible for the Destitution Domestic Violence Concession

Updates to the DVILR (now renamed ‘victims of domestic abuse’): inclusion of partners who entered the UK under r352A (family reunion for partners of refugees) 6.3.2 &

Prathipati and ‘innocent overstaying’ under the old 28-day rule 1.5.4

Prohibition on Tier 5 Seasonal Workers sponsoring family members minor, unmarked, insert at 7.6.14

Singh and the handling of missing documents allegations, relating to PBS applications, in JR proceedings 2.2.2

Insertion of new Tier 5 Seasonal (Edible Horticultural Sector) Worker Scheme 7.5 & 7.5.6

Abunar and the significance of ‘country of origin’ in the Qualification Directive vs ‘country of return’ in r339C(iii) for grants of HP

HKK on the approach to documentary evidence in asylum appeals

PA and the duties on SSHD in conducting enquiries into documents in the country of an asylum seeker’s origin

ROO (Nigeria) on late claim certification under s96 and Rule 35 reports 14.3.2

Oksuzoglu and new matters in EEA appeals which can only be raised with SSHD’s consent 11.8.4

Baigazieva and the ‘relevant date’ for a right of residence to be retained for spouses of EEA nationals 11.6.4

The AIRE Centre and whether Operation Nexus amounts to ‘systematic verification’ 13.6.3

SR and the evidential requirements for the various parenting role requirements in rules and legislation

SR on the meaning of whether it would be reasonable to expect a child to leave the UK

Thakrar and the balance between contribution to the community and the public interest in removal 5.5.1

Safi on limitations on permission grants to appeal to the UK, and on seeking permission despite absence of an arguable material error of law

FB on the removal window policy, on deferral of removal, and on removal window notice requirements 14.2.6

Changes to Tier 5 Religious workers 7.5.3

As always we would be grateful for subscribers’ feedback on any of our content and website functionality – please send by email to with subject heading ‘MIL suggestion box’. 

We hope you find these updates useful and remember to include in your training plan for your CPD Activity. Stay tuned for more updates!

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24th January 2019

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