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Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates December 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we have one more exciting set of updates available to subscribers as a parting gift for this momentous year in Immigration Law.

November saw us updating a large amount of content with recent changes in the law, you may have seen these updates in your resource already. Below is a brief list of all the changes we applied in November:

This update addresses:

  1. The worsening “hostile environment”: the new provisions regulating bank accounts” and the new NHS overseas charging regulations (1.9)
  2. The forthcoming review of the Immigration Rules (1.12)
  3. The new ‘digital assist’ service for online applications (1.14)
  4. The new NHS overseas charging regulations and guidance (2.4)
  5. Case law on domestic workers in diplomatic households (4.1)
  6. Conversion of HP to refugee status for those arrived under VPRS (4.2)
  7. Grenfell survivors and their families UKVI policies (4.2)
  8. Reform of the National Referral Mechanism (4.3)
  9. Status of debate whether derivative rights count towards 10-year Long Residence (5.2)­­
  10. Current case law position and strategy on the test in Paposhvili (5.7)
  11. Common law route to recognition of non Hague Convention adoptions (6.7)
  12. Immigration Skills charge (7.1)
  13. Links to updated resource pages regarding EEA nationals in the UK (law and policy) (11.1)
  14. Current position regarding appeal rights for extended family members of EEA nationals (11.5 & 11.9)
  15. ECJ decision in Lounes and the rights of dual British/EEA nationals (11.5)
  16. Sadovska and the burden of proof in sham marriage EEA cases (11.5)
  17. Gubeladze and confirmation the operation of the Worker Registration Scheme 2009-11 was illegal (11.6)
  18. Arranz and preventative grounds under the 2016 Regs (11.7)
  19. Case law guidance on rights for EEA nationals to return for deportation hearing (11.9)
  20. Case MK and new guidance on registration of those aged up to 22 under Sch 2 para 3 BNA 1981 (12.3)
  21. Case law on scope of citizenship deprivation appeals under s40A BNA 1981 (12.8)
  22. Whole manual amendments of former EIG chapters (esp Module 13)
  23. Strategies in response to removal window notices (14.2)
  24. New offence of failure to disclose nationality (15.3)

Additionally, another eBook written by Richard McKee has been added to the growing collection of exclusive eBooks for MIL subscribers. The Autumn update provides a wealth of information in a single downloadable PDF. You will find this eBooks in the newly revamped ‘eBooks’ Module at the beginning of your subscription. All subscriber exclusive eBooks will be made available in this module.

2018 will see HJT push the limits of our subscription service further. With monthly updates now in full effect, there’s never been a better time to delve into our subscription. Certificates are available for any completed modules, which can be used to claim your CPD activity. MCQs have been updated to reflect recent changes in the law, and the new user friendly format is now live. The resource itself will see new videos recorded by our directors and trainers, the inclusion of more downloadable eBooks, and live streamed Q&A sessions with our directors. More information on this will be available shortly.

We hope you find these updates useful, please stay tuned for more!

If you require any assistance with your subscription please call us today and will be happy to help.

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All the best,

Andrew Demetriou,
Digital Marketing Executive @ HJT Training

22nd December 2017

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