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Unfair Dismissal Manual 3rd Edition (2016)

In arguably the most comprehensive and detailed book on unfair dismissal to date Jake Dutton brings together, explains and analyses the jurisprudence and legislation that make up the law of unfair dismissal. Every aspect of the law is examined in detail including the categories of workers who can claim, the rules on continuity of employment, the reasonableness test under section 98 (4) of the 1996 Act, the role of natural justice, the impact of the European convention of human rights,constructive dismissal, transfers of undertakings, protected disclosures, pregnancy and maternity dismissals, remedies and a comparison with the common law remedies of wrongful dismissal and judicial review. The book takes care to analyse and identify themes and considerations running through the law as a whole whether that be the relevance of the law of contract, the scope of the principles of procedural fairness, the influence of public law and the breadth and limitations of the band of reasonable responses approach. It is written in a style which makes it accessible to students and those new to this area of law as well as being an indispensable companion to the seasoned and experienced practitioner.

About the author

Jake Dutton was a Barrister, a member of Clerksroom ( and a specialist in employment law. He regularly appeared in Employment Tribunals and in several reported cases in both the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the Court of Appeal.

It is with great sadness that Jake is no longer with us, he fought a brave battle with cancer and unfortunately passed away in 2016.  HJT will continue to publish this book in honour of his achievements in the field. After working as a trainer for HJT, Jake approached us with the idea of publishing a book on Employment Law.  The resulting manual, Unfair Dismissal took eight years to write and was first published in 2012. Now in its third edition, Jake’s writing is both intellectually rigorous whilst adopting a practical and commercial approach to cases.  Jake said he wrote the book because he loved what he did and loved the law, and we are proud to publish it.


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