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Supervisor: Immigration and Asylum Accreditation

This course is primarily aimed at those taking the IAAS supervisor assessment.

Our IAAS Supervisor course is delivered by Julian Bild, ATLEU and runs for four hours. 

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What is covered?

We will consider the role of a supervisor under the LAA immigration contract. A supervisor has a range of responsibilities and duties to ensure the firm is providing an effective and efficient service to their clients. All this must be done in compliance with the requirements of the LAA contract and the Specialist Quality Mark (SQM). As well as case and file management and funding issues, there’s the recruitment of staff, equal opportunities, training and development and, when things don’t go according to plan, complaints, disciplinary and grievance procedures.

We will look in detail, using a past paper, at the three sections of the supervisor assessment;

  • file reviews, ensuring compliance with funding requirements, client care, effective representation and best practice, and
  • the in-tray exercise, looking at the allocation and prioritisation of work, and casework procedures, and
  • the SQM case study

We will also consider exam tips and techniques. Those attending the course will be armed with the skills they need to provide effective supervision and to pass the assessment.

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