HJTs Revamp of training presentations for the home working era

HJT Training has revamped its training presentation for the home working era. We want to support our loyal clients and hopefully spread the word about the quality of our training too. So for the time being our prices are radically reduced so that we share the financial pain that the lockdown has caused everyone.

More time to think about how we work has given us the chance to try different ways of presenting remote courses. We aim to ensure that the training is informative and enjoyable while accommodating remote working. And we will rely on our extensive online resources to deliver the greater part of the background information delegates need for their casework.

Now our traditional public courses will involve sessions of roughly 90 minutes, give or take some overshoot if we are discussing interesting questions. We will normally have multiple speakers and we will concentrate on the covering the most recent developments and giving practical insight based on the trainers’ recent experience.

We will also aim to run themed series of courses on issues such as business immigration, family migration and EU settled status as the years proceeds to promote ongoing professional development. 

Next up on 24 June 2020 at 3pm is the EU settled status session presented by HJT Director Mark Symes and Agnete Gribkowski. Mark will use his experience of immigration appeals over 25 years of practice as an advocate and Agnete will explain the recurring casework issues arising in the office. Register here

18th June 2020

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