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Administrative Review (Online Course)

What is covered?

Administrative review is now one of the most important aspects of immigration work, providing the only effective opportunity for many individuals to challenge failings in the decision making process. However, many people fail to make the most of the opportunities that it offers, as it is highly technical and requires specialist knowledge to use to the greatest effect.

This is a course about administrative review. It will be useful to any solicitor, caseworker, or paralegal working on immigration cases where there is no right of appeal and the relevant remedy is administrative review. It will also be useful for barristers working on administrative review applications or judicial review applications that challenge refusals of administrative review.

Objectives are to learn:

–          How the administrative review system works – time limits

–          How to spot relevant issues that may be arguable via the administrative review route

–          How to draft effective grounds for administrative review

–          How it is that administrative review dovetails with judicial review

–          Practical hints and tips for making the most of the remedy

Course Extract:

Administrative Review – Introduction of the New System


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