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Windrush Update: UKVI Guidance

Windrush Update

Updated today, 11 May 2018: UKVI ‘Guidance for undocumented Commonwealth citizens’.  This should, at point 3, include the below information, to reassure those concerned of the fact that records covering decades of residence ARE usually available, and that it is not difficult to access them.

  • Full Medical records request from GP max charge £50, can stretch back decades even where changed GPs as file travels with patients
  • UKVI Subject Access Request – detailed request does cost £10 but can also go back decades
  • HMRC Subject Access Request – records for any taxes or national insurance contributions that may have been made. NICs records go back to the 1970s.

In addition, the National Archives will assist in trying to locate old, lost naturalisation certificates (which may be relevant to questions of nationality for family members). If located, certified copies are provided at a cost of £27.40.

Call for evidence regarding losses

The Home Office call for evidence by 8 June 2018 from those ‘of the Windrush generation’ who have suffered losses as a result of inability to establish immigration status. This information should be passed on to relevant clients. Some children of the ‘Windrush generation’ have recently had their British passports, sometimes held for many years, withdrawn and been prevented from establish their own status, usually for reasons of inability to establish their parents’ or grandparents’ status. Of course, every person affected by this should give evidence. The call for evidence itself states:

Who this call for evidence is for • Those of the Windrush generation who have faced difficulties in establishing their status under the immigration system; • Any other interested organisations and individuals. The Windrush generation is generally taken to refer to those who arrived in the UK lawfully from Commonwealth countries before 1 January 1973. However, we would welcome responses from anyone who feels they have been affected by this situation, whether they fit that description or not.

11th May 2018

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