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Victims of Domestic Violence and Bereaved Partners (Online Course)

What is covered?

There is provision under the Rules for indefinite leave to remain to be granted to a migrant who is the partner of someone with the right of permanent residence and whose relationship has broken down permanently, because of domestic violence, during their probationary period of leave. The Rules apply to those who were granted leave to enter as a partner under Appendix FM, as well as those who were granted leave to enter as a partner under the pre-Appendix FM Rules.

The Rules also provide for a partner of a British Citizen or a person settled in the UK who is bereaved during the probationary period to be granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK, provided that the relationship was subsisting and that they intended to live together permanently in the UK at the time of the death of the migrant’s partner.

Course Extract:

The Requirements of the Domestic Violence Route under Appendix FM


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