• Scott Moncrieff & Associates

    HJT delivered their OISC Level 2 Accreditation training course with a very impressive speaker (Julian Bild), and with an attractive presentation method.

  • University of Surrey

    We had a fantastic experience being trained by HJT at OISC Level 1. Our trainer Khadija was excellent. She was attentive to our needs and her pace when explaining (at times complex) legislature was perfect. We were given a structure for the day’s session in advance and a Manual which we found extremely useful. Booking with HJT was easy and quick. We would definitely recommend HJT to those wanting to undertake OISC qualifications.

  • Goshen Solicitors

    We had taken some courses in the past from HJT but we did not know about the membership properly until Shareen gave us information on it. We were so happy with the information we signed up for membership immediately. Demo was very professionally done.

  • David Wyld Solicitors

    I am so happy for having the account, my training was super. Detailed and clear Shareen helped me realize the importance of having the membership for busy immigration advisors.

  • Visa Logic

    Very very very satisfied already!

    I got to know about the membership through Shareen and I followed HJT on LinkedIn. I have already told one of my co workers about your good service and the membership. So happy with the way Shareen explained everything to me.

  • Wanstead and Woodford Migrant Support

    I have been an avid user of HJT manual for a very long time. I had re-subscribed recently. My first preference was always to use the book until today when Shareen presented the demo and told me about the many useful benefits of the online account. I will be using the online account a lot more from now. Very happy with the Demo the information was imparted so clearly.

  • Yolanda Fuentes

    Mastering Immigration Law Subscription

    I did not know how to get to the new information on immigration. Much clear with the demo now.

  • Immigration Advice Service

    I had problems not knowing how to access and use my online modules and tools before so I had decided that I may not continue with my membership. I met Shareen for a Demo today and it helped in knowing how I can use the information online for my daily case references. I will definitely continue with my membership now that I know how to use it properly. Excellent effort by Shareen and very thankful to her for the amount of time she spent teaching me to use my account.

  • Sakine Kizikaya

    HJTs Supervisor: Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme

    Please pass on my regards to Julian. He was absolutely brilliant and I really enjoyed the course.

  • DRSI Law

    It was exactly what is needed to learn such a complex but important subject. Always offer a good service and we fully learn the topic and can practice the knowledge we learn with real life scenarios.

    Rimmy was clear, spoke loudly, gave real life scenarios and tested to ensure we really understand the topic.

  • North East Law Centre

    Shareen was lovely – very professional but also very friendly and approachable. She explained everything very clearly and I feel confident in using the online version of MIL now. She answered all of my questions fully and in a straightforward way. Thank you so much!

  • Asylum Aid

    I would like to thank you and Julian Build for preparing me very well for the immigration supervising caseworker exam, which I have passed with 88%. I couldn’t have done it without your support.

  • Bethany Webb-Strong – Seraphus Solicitors

    Shareen was very engaging and explained the HJT training services clearly and concisely. The demo was very useful in introducing the training modules and showed me how to navigate the website and make the most of all the resources available. It could be useful to explain about how at the end of each module there are videos which recap and explain the parts of each module – I actually intend to listen to these first to give some background to the chapter and then begin a more thorough study of each module.

  • Emile Kouame – Gurkha Solicitors

    It was very useful taking the demo presentation. Shareen was very knowledgeable about the contents and the areas of the immigration. I feel very privileged to listen to her about the great contents Mastering Immigration Law offers. I have been practicing immigration for ages but refreshing to know how my work can improve with the subscription.


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