Respect For Refugees

Here at HJT we are a diverse group of individuals, a team who’s cultural backgrounds stem from many countries all over the world. We understand that the rights of refugees must be respected and attended to.

The worsening refugee crisis that bares it’s bitter claws on Syria has been on the eye of everyone in 2015.

In recent news, The EU met with it’s African counterparts in Malta to discuss efforts in aiding the crisis. A key point in the Malta Summit came to play when a $1.9 billion dollar “trust-fund” was provided to the continent to persuade African governments into taking refugees back and/or swaying them away from settling in Europe at all. This has been received by many with a mixed response.

We are yet to see what the African governments will do with the aid provided, Angela Merkel has said that both the African and the European leaders “have a great deal of work ahead”.

What are your thoughts on the so called “trust-fund” provided by the EU to Africa?

Sound off in our comments below.

13th November 2015

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