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Wednesday 19th June 2024 (4pm)

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Wednesday 19th June 2024 (5:30pm)

Led By

Mark Symes, HJT Director & tenant at Garden Court Chambers & Adam Pipe, No.8 Chambers


Every immigration lawyer needs to know how to best present applications and claims based on private and family life. There are constant changes and 2024 is no different with recent new Appendices for numerous family life routes and never-ending new case law – not to mention the radical uplift in the new minimum income threshold.

In this course two of the UK’s leading immigration barristers, Adam Pipe and Mark Symes, will discuss the latest thinking on ECHR Art 8 cases, from applications to appeals. The course will include some case studies using practical fact patterns where we apply these ideas to typical cases.

We cover:

  • A recap of Article 8 basics and understanding the legal tests
  • Representing complex cases – unmarried partners, non-traditional families and elderly dependent relatives
  • Novel legal arguments – getting creative with insurmountable obstacles, unjustifiably harsh consequences and proportionality
  • Confronting the new minimum income threshold
  • Medical cases – health conditions, mental illness and disability
  • Building the evidence – how to present a really robust case via witness statements, expert reports and public domain evidence
  • Rebutting typical refusal reasons and arguments
  • Country specific strategies

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A first of it’s kind online subscription service that provides you with all the essential immigration knowledge you require, you can use it as a training aid or simply as a reference tool. We cover many topics, navigating the immigration rules, EEA residence rights, Nationality applications, Appendix FM and private life applications, Deportation and removals, Points Based System and the case law interpreting it, Asylum claims and many more.

Our resource, which is regularly updated during the currency of your subscription, is presented in a user-friendly style with hundreds of Multiple Choice Questions with fully explained answers that you can use to check your understanding as you progress. Hyperlinks to every significant legal authority and Home Office policy, a selection of video presentations by our expert trainers/directors summarising the key points from each module, top tips for your everyday practice, diagrams of procedures and processes, free ebooks, online courses and the latest copy of  2024 Edition Immigration Manual (releasing autumn/winter 2024) information, check out our advert video below or speak to one of our sales advisers on  07544164692.

Current Status



£65.00 excl VAT

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2 in stock

Free Resources Included

  • Mastering The Points Based System

    Master the most complicated aspects of Immigration law with our Mastering the Points Based System (Module 7). The entire Module 7 has been updated to reflect the new Rules.

  • Covid 19: Immigration law, policy & Procedure

    Our Coronavirus module covers every aspect of the changes brought by the pandemic. Written by experts with decades of experience of presenting appeals and who have sat judicially in the FTT and UT, and by a practitioner who has represented every kind of immigration case for many years, it covers every new announcement by UKVI and the courts and tribunals for immigration cases.

  • Online Training

    Additional online training course are accessible via your MIL subscription including. These courses have been chosen to help bolster the materials provided in our resource, additions will be made throughout the year.

  • Updates & Documentation

    Regular Monthly Updates and Documentation will be provided to all subscribers throughout the duration of their subscription. These updates include new legislation, legal documents, videos, quizzes, updated policies and rules. Blog updates will be emailed to Subscribers every month with changes and accessed immediately, to show your competence to your accrediting body. See here recent updates

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