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Public access is growing exponentially, a process which accelerated when in 2014 Direct Access qualified Barristers were enabled to obtain a litigation extension on application.

The benefits of the extension are obvious. Clients no longer have to act as litigants in person, relieving them of the stress and anxiety of conducting the administration of proceedings themselves, and enabling Barristers to offer a full end to end service, including:

  • Issuing proceedings, applications and appeals
  • Acknowledging service of proceedings
  • Filing and serving documents
  • Lodging trial bundles
  • Providing your address as an address for service
  • Signing off on a list of disclosure
  • Instructing expert witnesses

While the advantages are plain taking a case cradle to grave places barristers at the sharp end of responsibility.

HJT’s new litigation course will assist practitioners to navigate the risks associated with managing and conducting litigation, providing guidance on:

  • The Eligibility and authorisation criteria
  • The work that can and cannot be undertaken under the new Handbook rules
  • How to manage work effectively and bill work appropriately
  • Understanding litigation based techniques, tips and claims
  • The conduct of civil claims from inception to conclusion

Completing the Litigation Course will also enable practitioners to demonstrate possession of the procedural  knowledge necessary to secure the extension in the first instance, the  application process identifying the recent undertaking of relevant training as a mechanism by which to establish the requisite competence.

Please note: Log in details for this course are provided manually once payment for the course has been received. Log In details to our Online Learning site can only be provided during HJT working hours, if you have purchased this course after 5:30pm, you will receive your details the next working day.

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