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What is covered?

With the importance of the October 2018 Judgement of the Supreme Court case KO (Nigeria), HJT is running a flash course to discuss the implications of the ruling and what are the best interests for families with children. This course will be delivered by Adam Pipe tenant at No8 Chambers.

Most immigration lawyers have to run private and family life claims. We address a number of issues that regularly crop up in these caseloads.

In particular:

  • What does the October 2018 judgement of the Supreme Court in KO (Nigeria) mean for the best interests of families with children?
  • When is the Chikwamba principle re returning abroad to seek entry clearance relevant?
  • How should we approach entry clearance refusals on “contriving to frustrate the purpose of the Immigration Rules” grounds
  • The high threshold in adult dependent relative cases
  • The financial requirements for Appendix FM cases
  • Are the Rules a complete code: exceptional circumstances and GEN3.2
  • Making a human rights claim
  • What exactly is a human rights claim? And when is it refused?
  • Disputes over appeal rights
  • Responding to section 120 notices
  • Non-suspensive appeals: where have we reached on out-of-country appeals?
  • Plotting an appeal strategy – fresh issues, Home Office consent to raise new matters, and arguments inside and outside the Rules
  • Further representations, fresh claims, and certification

Delegates will be provided with a set of printed materials.

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