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OISC Level 1 Practice Test (Online)

What does it include?

– OISC Level 1 Revision Topics

– 80 Multiple Choice Exam Style Questions

– Drafting Guidance for Section 2

– Exam Advice

Now updated with a new test, including 20 new questions (80 total).

The questions have all been drafted by our HJT Director, Mark Symes & Julian Bild, and they are similar to the kind of questions you will face in Part 1 of the OISC Level 1 exam. These are essentially mock exam questions to give you a chance to practice your examination technique and judge whether you are ready to take the real exam or not.

The revision topics are not essential, and you are able to skip directly to the quizzes if you prefer.

We recommend to all candidates sitting the OISC examinations to revise revise revise! This is not an easy exam, and a lot of preparation is essential in order to pass. Managing your time for section one will be most beneficial when sitting the real exam. This pack of revision Multiple Choice Questions will help aid in that regard and give you an idea of what to expect from the real paper.

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