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HJT Training has always offered specialist training to advisers and organisations at all levels of the OISC accreditation scheme, whether not for profit or otherwise.  HJT is continuing to train in-house for the OISC. Our programme is designed to offer to busy OISC advisers a full range of courses either to update on the latest developments, to refresh core skills or to upgrade skills and knowledge to achieve accreditation at a higher level of the scheme. Our OISC accreditation courses are the best way for new advisers to prepare for the registration tests and get to grips with the necessary range of OISC competences.

HJT Training are responsible for supplying the assessment papers across all 3 levels, the marking and moderation process, and the communication of exam results with examinees. We are working hard with the OISC to ensure that together we raise the standard of legal representation in the OISC sector and hope that the accreditation scheme will help us to achieve this whilst ensuring fairness, consistency and accessibility for all.

Available Levels

OISC Level 1

Our OISC level one accreditation training course is designed as a one day, entry level course on immigration advice (i.e. within the Immigration Rules). In this course we aim to cover the syllabus at level one which can found HERE. The aim of this course is to provide delegates with the sufficient knowledge, in preparation for the level one assessments with focusing on the OISC’s core requirements. Delegates will be provided with the latest edition of the HJT Immigration manual as well as practical guidance with accompanying self-study material to be used after the course during revision for individuals’ exams. BOOK NOW

OISC Level 2

Our level two course runs over two days, and consists of more complex casework (i.e. applications outside of the Immigration Rules). In this course we cover the syllabus at level two which maybe downloaded from our useful links. This course is specifically aimed at immigration advisers seeking accreditation at Level 2 and may be more suitable to those who are interested in becoming acquainted with immigration and asylum law. This two day course is tailored to less experienced practitioners preparing to accredit at a lower level. Be warned at the outset that, although the course does not cover the same detail required for the more advanced four day course, the trainers will still need to move at a fairly intensive pace to cover all the necessary ground. BOOK NOW

OISC Level 3

HJT Training’s OISC Level 3 course is four days of more complex training in both Immigration and Asylum & Protection (i.e. substantive appeals work). In this course we cover the syllabus at OISC Level 3 as published in the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner’s Guidance on Competence, which maybe downloaded from our useful links to the right of this webpage. Many past delegates have used HJT Training’s course as a springboard to success in their LAA/OISC accreditation examinations at Level 2/3, but the course is also of general interest to students, volunteers and others wanting a thorough introduction to both Immigration and Asylum & Protection.  BOOK NOW

Online OISC Training

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Mastering Immigration Law Online Subscription Service (1 Year)

Check out our subscription service with a FREE 21 day trial. You may cancel at any time during the trial and not be charged a thing!

The trial period will give you access to 4 Modules of the online resource which includes videos and quizzes for you to use. The trial period will however limit your access to any downloadable content and the 13 remaining modules, you will not receive access to our Updates & Documentation module, eBooks, Online Courses, and our manual will not be dispatched.

If you decide to sign up to our service, you will be charged 21 days after signing up and all services will be activated and a copy of the latest Immigration Manual will be dispatched out to you upon release.

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