October Reforms 2015

HJT Training was first set up with a view to supporting solicitors and caseworkers in the path to accreditation and most of the UK’s immigration firms have benefited from our training in the last eleven years.

Now accreditation faces a major shake-up, with the October 2015 re-accreditation exams being the last in the current format.  For now at least the announcement relates only to re-accreditation rather than to original accreditation. Details of the new regime are not yet publicly available but it seems reasonable to think that there will be a change from the present set-up whereby the exam process focuses on a broad knowledge of the immigration rules, European Union free movement law and asylum; and as the Law Society emails sent to existing accredited individuals in early September indicate, there will be a compulsory one-day course with some element of “assessment”, rather than a formal exam.

We will be working throughout Autumn 2015 to ensure we again provide the most focussed training to help law firms and individuals to face the challenge ahead. We plan to use this blog to report on developments – so do keep tabs on what we have to say.

For now, immigration practitioners have to decide whether to stick with the “devil they know” and sit the October 2015 exams (and receive accreditation for the next five years), or wait to see what the new scheme holds and go through the process from spring 2016 onwards (and then be accredited for three years).

Either way you can study and revise with either our public courses (available on an “in-house” basis by arrangement) – or you can give your overall knowledge a road test without leaving the office and work through our new online course which covers every aspect of the accreditation process. And we now also provide model questions with fully explained model answers to help you gain confidence with exam technique.

23rd October 2015

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