Before a barrister may accept Public Access instructions, he MUST have complied with Continuing Professional Development Regulations.  At present, although barristers are no longer required to return a record card to the Bar Standards Board annually, there is a requirement to undertake the set number of hours and keep cards up to date.

New CPD arrangements will apply from 1st January 2017:

  • Barristers no longer have to complete a minimum number of hours, and there will be increased flexibility in the types of CPD activities that can be undertaken;
  • There is no longer a requirement to complete accredited hours;
  • The BSB will assess compliance by taking into account CPD activity in previous years; and
  • The focus on the regulation of CPD and non-compliance will not be on disciplinary action but on ensuring that the CPD requirements are complied with.

The BSB will continue to conduct random spot checks, and those with a history on non-compliance should expect to be selected.

On discussing implementation of the new regime, BSB Director of Supervision Oliver Hanmer said: “It will allow barristers to complete training that is relevant to their careers, ensuring maximum value for time and money. We are keen to make sure that CPD is not just a ‘tick box’ exercise.”

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