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Mastering the Points Based System Manual (MPBS)

A new publication designed as a comprehensive and informative resource for any practitioner who deals with PBS work. Our MPBS Manual has be lovingly crafted by HJT Director Mark Symes. This is the 1st edition of our MPBS Manual, released alongside our MPBS Subscription service in November 2018. Contact us for more information on 020 376 63860.

Mastering the Points Based System Manual

Our latest publication in HJT’s Mastering series, Mastering the Points Based System. A highly detailed, 250+ page manual that comprehensively covers the world of the PBS. Written by HJT Director Mark Symes, this is an invaluable resource for day to day work in the PBS field.

Chapters include, Introduction to PBS, Generic PBS Issues, Tier 1 Entrepreneurs, Tier 1 Investors, Tier 1 Exceptional Talent,  Tier 2 Sponsored Worker, Tier 2 & 5 Sponsorship, Tier 2 & 5 Compliance Issues, Tier 4 Students and Tier 5 Temporary Workers & Youth Mobility Scheme Temporary Migrants.

It is essential to read the Immigration Rules carefully and critically against your client’s circumstances. Under the PBS this is even more important, because there is so little discretion within the system. So what better than to have a devoted manual just to PBS at your fingertips!

The manual is available as part of our MPBS Subscription.


Many thanks go to Mark Symes for his editorial flare, creativity and incredible knowledge of the Points Based System. Thank you to Melanie Porte and Melanie Chrysostomou for their valued help and support. Special thanks go to Androulla Demetriou for her design flair, her patience and hard work in producing the printed edition.

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MPBS Subscription

Master the most complicated aspects of Immigration law with our Mastering the Points Based System Subscription and Manual (MPBS). A service which collates all our PBS related products into one comprehensive and informative resource for any practitioner who deals with PBS work.

MPBS includes:

  • – 11 eBooks, available to download on any device
  • – 9 Online Training Courses including MCQs to test your knowledge
  • – A copy of the Mastering the Points Based System Manual (worth £69)
  • – CPD accredited to show your competence to your provider
  • – 1 year of PBS Updates

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