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Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates Oct-Nov 2021

We continued to witness unfolding developments for all areas of the U.K immigration throughout the Autumn and Winter. 

On the Asylum front, we witnessed the determination in PS Zimbabwe [2021] laying grounds that clarified circumstances under which the cessation of refugee status is triggered.  The case of G v G [2021] gave new insights to the Family asylum claims process while Akbar [2021] helped summarize the strenuous journey from initial human rights claims through to further representations and fresh claims decisions.  

The domino effect brought about by the post-Brexit continued to be seen under EUSS cases that unravelled in 2021. The Home Office carried on to update policy documents in this respect, one of them being Guidance on enforcement against EEA Nationals.  Geci [2021] came as saviour, as it confirmed how the EEA Regulations 2016 are preserved for appeal purposes post-Brexit, including the end of the transition period.  

The biggest change witnessed in the light of the on going challenges of the pandemic in November 2021 was the  massive updates made to Coronavirus policies, concessions and changes to procedure. This now includes revision to exceptional assurance deadlines, countries on red list and other various updates impacting immigration  applications.  

Procedural changes were seen with updates to various immigration forms, Immigration Health Surcharge payment, and updates to Home Office immigration and nationality fees. The good news amongst all of this is that the Home Office has maintained the charges from the previous year with £0 fee increase to all listed applications!   

Our editors have thoroughly updated the online MIL resource with all significant developments.  These updates have been comprehensively explained aided with fictional case examples and best tips to ensure that our subscribers can understand the Rules and apply them efficiently to benefit their day-to-day immigration casework. 

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22nd December 2021

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