Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates Nov & Dec 2020

Hello Subscribers! What a few months it has been with all the new rules now in action. Mark Symes and our expert team finished reading more than 500 pages from the 3 sets of new Immigration Rules published in recent months and have made updates to reflect the new rules in your MIL subscription. 

Modules 7 (PBS) and 11 (EU) are still being updating as you can imagine these two particular modules had significant changes. By mid February you will have the most up to date resource currently on the market. So much time and effort was put into producing these updates, we would like to thank Mark Symes and Agnete Gribkowski who have manged to get their heads around the new rules and produce such a great resource to our subscribers. 

We have scheduled many courses which look at the new rules and put them in context. You can view our range of courses here. Remember Subscribers receive 15% discount. 

The updates below may also be found in Updates & Documentation module. Please log in to access. 

1.1.2 Exemption from control: update on EEA nationals with and without residence before 1 January 2021 Provision for Irish citizens and the applicability of the rules to EEA/Swiss citizens following the end of Brexit transition: new section

1.3.1 Entry clearance: update of ground for refusal para Illegal entrants: update of ground for refusal para

1.5.8 Decisions – validity of notice, professional skills and conduct relevant to dealing with decisions: new case law added – Alam discusses the operation of the provisions for serving decisions that don’t carry the right of appeal

2.3 The general refusal grounds: wholly new section on the Part 9 refusal (actually “general refusal”) reasons

2.4.2 Policies, concessions and Operational Guidance: new case law added – Emiantor shows the limits of legitimate expectation in a deportation case

2.6 Fairness: new case law added – Topadar shows the limitations of fairness requirements where the SSHD contacts a Sponsor for further information

Module 3: visitors: module re-written in accordance with Appendix V: Visitor and related appendices in force from 1 December 2020 (HC 813)

3.2 Appendix V: Visitor V 4.4-6 Prohibited activities and payment requirements for visitors: update re: international drivers (HC 1043)

3.3 Immigration Rules Appendix Visitor: Permitted Activities (paragraphs PA1-PA18): replacement of PA 9 (HC 1043) and amendment by CP361 of the same para; amendment of PA 11.1 (CP361) (all changes in force from 11 pm 31 December 2020).

3.5 Refusals and appeals: new case law added – GK gives an example of the requirements for fairness in visitor decision making

4.1.2 Appendix UK Ancestry (paragraphs UKA 1.1-36.1): section renamed from “UK ancestry visas (rules 186-192 in Part 5) and re-written in accordance with the new Appendix in force from 1 December 2020 (HC 813)

Module 6: revised in accordance with addition by HC 813 of LTR holders under Appendix EU an ECAA Extension of Stay to categories of sponsors

6.1.8 Sponsors with LTR under Appendices EU and ECAA (EEA/Swiss or Turkish sponsors): new section

9.1 Claiming asylum and inadmissibility: summary of new inadmissibility provisions and designated places for claiming asylum

9.5.1 Third country cases and Brexit: new section

13.4.3 From Hesham Ali to HA(Iraq): the legislative scheme for deportation: new case law added – Unuane exemplifying that a proportionality balancing exercise giving full weight to a child’s best interests is still required

14.6.2 Pursuing an Upper Tribunal appeal: JCWI v UTIAC President finds the “no hearing” presumption for error of law decisions in the UT unlawful


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22nd January 2021

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