Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates May 2022

Amongst the significant changes announced to the work and business visa routes on 15th March 2022, the UK Government had introduced the High Potential Individual route (HPI). The route aims to attract highly competent individuals from the Global Universities List approved by the Home Office and give them an opportunity to come to the UK, unsponsored in the for a period of up to 2 years (3 if they hold a PhD). The applications under the HPI route opened for acceptance from 30th May 2022.

The impact of Ukrainian migration scheme continued in May 2022 as the visa processing time for entry clearance and in country applications for leave to remain continued to decelerate.  In the light of the on –going political crisis, the Home Office made necessary revisions to update the Ukraine Extension Scheme Guidance in solidarity to support Ukraine migrants through the displacement crisis. 

A significant update came on the procedural level with the Tribunals and the courts. It has been asserted that applications seeking permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal must always be accompanied with grounds. If the grounds are not ready within the deadline, no application should be made until the grounds are ready; and when made, the application should apply for an extension of time explaining its latest. 

Similarly, strict limitations have been imposed on further grounds post a Cart Judicial Review. In PB [2022] UKUT 154 (IAC) the UT emphasised that it was very difficult to envisage a case where further points beyond those originally relied on could be relied on.

This and more, including significant reported judgments such as revisions to the Exceptional assurance scheme, position of household memberships of EEA Extended family members,  changes to the fee for minors’ citizenship application to  important updates on the interpretation of Rules in the light of reported cases in May 2022, are now included in Mastering Immigration Law. 

The updates maybe be found in Updates & Documentation module. Please log in to access. Index also updated. 

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25th July 2022
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