Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates March 2022

Several updates were made to the Rules and Guidance in relation to the students by UKVI. A part of these changes suggest that the requirement of available funds for students may dip due to broader array of costs.

The Student guidance: Covid 19 response was updated for pandemic concessions on 25th February 2022. The Guidance states further allowances to help international students access to education in the UK.  This has further changed the requirement length of course placements criteria for certain courses. Additional requirements are implemented for courses such as ACCA, post-graduate doctor or dentist. Provisions have also been made to attract and retain talented students by allowing trusted students to work three months before their course ends, when switching to Skilled Worker route. An additional update to the Appendix Graduate gives greater scope for extant Students to start work pre-application being granted, adding encouragement for talent retention.

On the EUSS front, the post Brexit crisis saga continues to haunt the UK immigration regime. This is evident from measures taken to continuously streamline relevant documents as the evolving immigration circumstances with the EEA nationals surface.

The individual applicant category requirements: Annex 1 definition of “relevant EEA family permit case”(both Appendix EU and Appendix EU (Family Permit) was updated. Similarly, it has been confirmed that suitability under Appendix EU and Appendix EU (Family Permit): an extant Islands deportation order is a mandatory rather than discretionary ground for refusal. 

Given the high ratio of refusals with EEA cases, the UKVI has been overwhelmed with Admin Review applications filed. They have updated their contact details for it and a new link to UKVI information page has been made live.

This and more, including significant reported judgments such as Rafiq [2022] dealing with damages claim for a Human Rights matter are now included in Mastering Immigration Law.

The updates maybe be found in Updates & Documentation module. Please log in to access. Index also updated. 

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