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Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates June (Part 2) & July 2018

Wrapping up our summer subscription updates and preparing for the release of our 18th edition manual (only available to you as a subscriber) has kept the HJT team very busy, but fear not, we’ve got some great new content available for our MIL subscribers! 

You will now find a brand new unit included in each of the 17 MIL Modules called ‘Videos’ which solely list our recap videos for ease of access, these can be found in the Curriculum tab of each Module. Additionally, you will find all 10 PBS eBooks now included in your subscription for FREE! Yes, that’s over 300 pages of PBS related content, available to download right now from the MIL | eBooks Module in your account!

Alongside our new downloadable content, we have some new updates to case law, and Modules here too:

  1. New IAC presidential guidance on wasted costs reference added 14.4.2, new section inserted, referencing Awuah and Others, principles from the guidance and wasted costs procedure 14.5.1
  2. AZ(Iran) on departure from decision regarding error of law
  3. Change to Reg 6(4) of the 2016 Regs retention of self-employed status now mirrors that of workers
  4. Saeed and nephews and nieces being excluded from being Zambrano carers 11.5.7
  5. Leave to remain for relevant Afghan citizens and their families – new section 4.2.14
  6. Dubs Amendment / s67 of the 2016 Immigration Act leave – new section 4.2.15
  7. FM & Anor on children granted refugee status and family law proceedings
  8. Amendment to Reg 9 of the 2016 Regs Surinder Singh additional requirements from 2018 Amendment Regs and settled status equivalent – rewrite of whole section 11.3
  9. Change to Reg 2 of the 2016 Regs definition of EEA national to include EEA nationals who have naturalised as BCs 11.4.8
  10. KG on consequences of failure to complete an assessment under Reg 34 of the Detention Centre Rules
  11. Link and reference to UKLGIG guidance on application of HJ(Iran) added 8.2.6
  12. Addition of new Reg 9A to the 2016 Regs on dual nationals (EEA nationals who have naturalised as BCs), and settled status equivalent 11.4.8
  13. Change to Reg 11 of the 2016 Regs right of admission: refusal ground, where removal decision remains extant 11.6.1
  14. Additional information on refugees’ family tracing
  15. K (A Child) and the declaration of incompatibility of s50(9A) BNA 1981 with Art 8 12.3.3
  16. Amendment of Reg 13 of the 2016 Regs initial residence: added disentitlement for extant exclusion or deportation orders 11.6.2
  17. Change to Reg 14 of the 2016 Regs extended residence: added disentitlement for extant exclusion or deportation orders 11.6.3
  18. Amendment of Reg 15 of the 2016 Regs permanent residence: added disentitlement for extant exclusion or deportation orders 11.6.5
  19. Change to Reg 16 of the 2016 Regs derivative rights: deletion in Reg 15(8) – where care is shared equally, it must not be with an exempt person 11.4.7
  20. Amendment to Reg 21 of the 2016 procedure for applications: new (4A) stipulates invalidity where applicant subject to removal, deportation or exclusion 11.1.3
  21. Change to Reg 27 of the 2016 Regs decisions taken on grounds of public policy/security/health – new requirement in Reg 27(4)(a) of holding PR in addition to 10 years’ residence, in line with Vomero
  22. New Reg 37(2)(a) of the 2016 Regs on out of country appeals 11.8.3


We would be grateful for subscribers’ feedback on any of our content and website functionality – please send by email to with subject heading ‘MIL suggestion box’. 

We hope you find these updates useful and remember to include in your training plan for your CPD Activity. Stay tuned for more updates!

If you require any assistance with your subscription, please call us today and we will be happy to help.

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3rd September 2018

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