Mastering Immigration Law Subscription Updates August & September 2019

Our Autumn/Winter season of accreditation and training is in full swing at HJT, and over the last two months we’ve been collating the latest updates for our Mastering Immigration Law resource. Only a few, short but important updates came into play in August and have been included in the list below. September brought us a healthy amount of changes to the PBS Module and the European Union Law Module, with the addition a brand new sub units relating to the new Innovator category.

A combined update for August and September is now available for subscribers to access via their Mastering Immigration Law subscription service.


2.3.3 – New report included

3.5 – New report included

4.3.2 – New case law added for SP Albania (2019)

8.5.2 – new case law for AS Afghanistan 2019

8.6 – Bilali 2019 case law added

9.3.4 – Young Asylum seeker dispute added to Age Assessment


1.1 – Addition of new case law – Begum 2019

2.3 – New exceptions added in relation to R D320

4.2.16 – update on grant of leave under 352ZG-352ZS in Part 11

7.2.1 – Innovator Route Information added

7.2.2 – Changes to the investors route

7.3.2 – Link to Appendix K updates added

7.4 – New notice on Graduate Route added

New unit – 9.5.1 Third Country cases and Brexit

11.3 – updated title, and inclusion of new Treaty Right case law and information

11.6.4 – Residence rights and treaty rights in relation to case law Chenchooliah 2019 included.

11.6.8 – Whole Settled Status sub unit updated

11.6.8 – New sub-unit for The definition of a ‘family member of a qualifying British Citizen’

11.6.8 – Updated sub unit – Suitability under Appendix EU

Please Note: As we await further changes, the 2019 edition of our HJT Immigration Manual is subject to a short delay whilst we implement the changes before production. As this manual is a culmination of the last year in immigration, we want to make sure that everything is as up to date as possible before being dispatched to customers. In the meantime, you have all the changes online for your reference. 

We hope you find these updates useful and remember to include in your training plan for your CPD Activity. Stay tuned for more updates!

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