Legal update for week 9th August 2018 to 15th August 2018

15/8/18 Guidance Australia: apply for a UK visa & New Zealand: apply for a UK visa update re: armed forces dependants

15/8/18 London Victim’s Commissioner statement re: DV victims with insecure status trapped in danger due to hostile environment & article in the Independent

15/8/18 Updated register Register of licensed sponsors: students

14/8/18 Closed consultation Home Office’s immigration statistics – arrivals data updated info on the public response to the consultation.

14/8/18 Guidance Searching detainees at removal centres general update to reflect the new searching powers of IA2016

14/8/18 Updated forms Application for UK visa (family joining refugee): appendix 4 VAF4A Application for UK visa for family settlement VAF4A and appendix 2  Application for a visit and short-term stay: VAF1A

13/8/18 CBI report Open and controlled on post-Brexit immigration and risk of labour shortages

10/8/18 Guidance Endorsing bodies: Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) University of Bedfordshire removed

10/8/18 Guidance Controlling Migration Fund: prospectus Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government element of Fund re-opened for bids on 9/8/18; updated prospectus and annexes

9/8/18 Guidance EEA nationals qualified persons updated in line with 2018 EEA Amendment Regs; new section on worker/self-employed person who ceases activity

9/8/18 Guidance Travel warrants for detainees attending First-tier Tribunals (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) Detention service order 10/2007 has been replaced by DSO 03/2018

9/8/18 Updated form Application for certificate showing right of abode

9/8/18 Outline of Home Affairs Committee interim report on post-Brexit migration policy

9/8/18 HO letter to PRCBC (posted on RLG) confirming no enforcement action to be taken in cases under remedial order re: good character in illegitimacy cases & ILR to be granted in the interim

Roundup of recent items not included in previous weekly publications:

8/8/18 Aziz & Ors [2018] EWCA Civ 1884 deprivation of nationality under s40(2) BNA 1981 of Rochdale grooming gang members upheld

7/8/18 CE and NE joined cases C-375/18 & C-325/18, Opinion of AG Kokott re: application of Reg 2201/2003 where a child is moved to another member state in breach of custody rights; timing of appeals and enforcement of adoption orders

7/8/18 SL (St Lucia)  [2018] EWCA Civ 1894 refusal of permission to appeal but may be cited re: finding that Paposhvili does not extend threshold in Art 8 cases

6/8/18 CPIN Turkey: Kurdish political parties updated taking into account observations in the April 2018 Immigration and Advisory Group on Country Information review

6/8/18 CPIN Turkey: Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) incorporating comments from the April 2018 Independent Advisory Group on Country Information review

3/8/18 CPIN Sudan: return of unsuccessful asylum seekers guidance and COI to include the Belgian immigration authority’s review on returnee allegations

3/8/18 CPIN Pakistan: medical and healthcare issues second version but no updates specified

1/8/18 Matthews, R (on app of) [2018] EWHC 2026 unsuccessful JR of refusal to issue passport due to insufficient evidence linking identity of claimant to pre-1983 birth certificate & mother’s passport

30/7/18 Rights of Appeal guidance update following Charles – tribunals cannot allow appeals on ‘not in accordance with the law’ ground alone but it remains an element of Art 8 in human rights appeals

27/7/18 & 14/7/18 CPIN Egypt – general updates in line with new COI to 3 documents

25/7/18 CPIN India: Women fearing gender-based violence new document

24/7/18 CPIN Afghanistan: Hindus and Sikhs updated at para 4.2.6

18/7/18 PK [2018] UKUT 241 upheld refusal of asylum to Ukrainian draft evader for low risk of punishment despite Sepet and Shepherd on draft evasion to avoid engaging in breaches of International Human Rights Law

17/7/18 CPIN Eritrea: National service and illegal exit updated country info and analysis

16th August 2018

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