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Legal update for week 6th September 2018 to 12th September 2018

12/9/18 Updated guidance Right of abode and applying for a certificate of entitlement no stated changes

12/9/18 Outline of Migration Advisory Committee report on international students – no new PSW route recommended

12/9/18 Updated guidance UK visa requirements: list for carriers stated change: updated UK visa requirements

12/9/18 Updated Guide AN no stated changes

12/9/18 Updated list Register of licensed sponsors: students

11/9/18 Lauzikas [2016] EWHC 3215 set aside: employment restrictions on EEA nationals are unlawful if imposed only for decision to deport the individual; article with links to CA statement of reasons

11/9/18 Maniero C-457/17 opinion: ‘education’ within the meaning of Art 3(1)(g) of Dir 2000/43 can include the award of scholarships; the link between financing and ‘education’ is for national court to verify

10/9/18 DL for victims of modern slavery updated to clarify that s4 of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act replicates s2 Modern Slavery Act (E&W) and s1 of the NI legislation

10/9/18 Updated guidance USA: apply for a UK visa change of postal address for applications

10/9/18 End of visit statement Nigeria UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, especially women and children

10/9/18 Updated collection Employers: illegal working penalties new data for all regions for 1 January 2018 to 31 March 2018

10/9/18 Outline of JCWI/UNHCR report on UK experiences of newly recognised Eritrean refugees

10/9/18 Thematic /Country chart for 39th session of UN Human Rights Council and outline of session

10/9/18 Updated guidance Controlling Migration Fund: prospectus added document: frequently asked questions

7/9/18 Updated collection Employers: illegal working penalties new collections on ‘illegal working penalties: codes of practice for employers’ and ‘right to work checks: employer guidance’

7/9/18 Updated form Application for UK visa (access rights to child): appendix 5 VAF4A no changes are stated

7/9/18 CPIN Democratic Republic of Congo: opposition to the government stated changes: COI material has been completely updated along with analysis section, but policy position remains unchanged

7/9/18 CPIN Turkey: Kurds stated changes: updates to country information and analysis

6/9/18 Updated form Application for UK visa as member of HM Armed Forces: VAF AF no stated changes

6/9/18 Extend stay or settle in the UK as a person who was refused asylum FLR(DL) ; Application to extend stay in UK (long residence) FLR(LR) stated change to both forms: you can now apply online

6/9/18 CPIN Turkey:  Military service stated changes: updated country information and guidance

6/9/18 CPIN Turkey: Kurdish political parties stated changes: country information and guidance updated, taking into account observations made by Immigration Advisory Group from review of April ’18

6/9/18 CPIN Turkey: Kurdistan Workers’ Party stated changes: updated country information and guidance, incorporating comments from IAG on Country Information Review

6/9/18 News story New pilot scheme to bring 2,500 seasonal workers to UK farms

5/9/18 MSA [2018] CSOH 92 successful JR of human rights claim certification as clearly unfounded; 66 year old grandmother overstayed for 7 years, primary carer of 6 year old grandson since his birth

12th September 2018

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