Legal update for week 30th August 2018 to 5th September 2018

5/9/18 Updated CPIN Iraq: Internal relocation, civil documentation and returns changes to policy analysis to reflect developments about returns and the new Country Guidance case of AAH

5/9/18 Outline of House of Commons debate of 4/9/18 on hostile environment policies

5/9/18 Updated collection added response to the report on a re-inspection of the family reunion process

5/9/18 Updated list Register of licensed sponsors: students

4/9/18 Updated list of providers Applying for a UK visa: approved English language tests changes not indicated

4/9/18 House of Commons debates on children’s citizenship fees and TOEIC visa cancellations further background to the latter on EIN

4/9/18 Government’s response to Home Affairs Committee report The Windrush generation

3/9/18 New link to Windrush information gathering roadshows

31/8/18 Updated form Apply for destitution domestic violence (DDV) concession changes not indicated

31/8/18 Correspondence between ILPA and HO re: implementation of Lounes

31/8/18 R (on app of Taher) [2018] EWHC 2274 unsuccessful JR of refusal to grant BOC passport to Somali claiming to have been born in Aden: absence of Aden birth certificate and credibility issues

31/8/18 R (on app of Suleiman) [2018] EWHC 2273 successful JR of refusal to grant BOC passport to Somali born in Aden: birth certificate accepted as authentic, later falsified date of birth not relevant to entitlement

30/8/18 Outline of two reports from HM Chief Inspector of Prisons on Tinsley House, finding process harmful and distressing for children

30/8/18 Guidance EU Settlement Scheme: view and prove your rights in the UK for participants in the settled status pilot – status and entitlements are to be accessible via an online profile

30/8/18 Outline of ECRE policy note and European Commission report on voluntary and assisted returns

30/8/18 TF (Iran) [2018] CSIH 58 successful asylum appeal: evidence of sur place claim based of religious conversion had been wrongly disregarded

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