Legal update for week 2nd August 2018 to 8th August 2018

7/8/18 Updated list Register of licensed sponsors: students

7/8/18 Updated lists England: nationality document return service and European passport return service – from both, Buckinghamshire removed as no longer offers those services

7/8/18 Yon  C-123/17 the requirement of entry clearance to 3rd country nationals of Turkish workers is a ‘new restriction’ which may, however, be justified if proportionate to the aim of immigration control and management of migration flows

7/8/18 SR (Malaysia) [2018] CSIH 54 leave to appeal granted in asylum case – tribunal’s reasoning had been perverse in its assessment of evidence and credibility

7/8/18 RO C-327/18, opinion of AG Szpunar: the legal assessment of UK-issued EAW with view to surrender is not affected by the UK’s Art 50 withdrawal notification

7/8/18 New guidance DL considerations for victims of modern slavery issued in response to PK (Ghana) and replacing interim operational guidance

6/8/18 CP (Vietnam), R (on app of) [2018] EWHC 2122 detention was unlawful during delayed making of reasonable grounds decision; once made, continued detention was not justified on ‘public order’ ground; detention review was inadequate & Rule 35 report should have resulted in release

6/8/18 Aslam, R (on app of) [2018] EWHC 2123 detention following finding of sham marriage to an EEA national found lawful

3/8/18 Asylum seekers with care needs redrafted policy to reflect changes in Care Act 2014; clarify circumstances in which local authorities should accommodate asylum seekers with care needs

3/8/18 Updated guidance Managing property of detainees in the UK addition of self-audit rules for suppliers and Annex A – Property Allowance Information and Disclaimer

3/8/18/ Updated guidance & form Managing detainees’ money over £1000 update to on-call process

3/8/18 Updated list Nationality checking service: England Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Birmingham and High Wycombe no longer offer this service.

3/8/18 Updated list Applying for a UK visa: approved English language tests

3/8/18 Article on Zimbabwean election result on asylum claimants, with guide as to approach

3/8/18 English text now available Gnandi C-181/16 return decision can be adopted as soon as asylum claim is refused, but return procedure must be suspended pending appeal outcome

2/8/18 Refugee Action Early Action Charter for People Seeking Asylum Programme to assist asylum seekers navigate the asylum system and avoid destitution – further background here

2/8/18 Article on key changes to the Administrative Court JR Guide

14th August 2018

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