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Legal update for week 25th October 2018 to 31st October 2018

31/10/18 Bangladesh: country policy and information notes stated change: CPIN Bangladesh Prison conditions dated March 2015 has been removed

31/10/18 Inspection work in progress completed inspections awaiting publication and active inspections by Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

31/10/18 Migration research and analysis collection of all documents relating to migration research, analysis and statistics.

31/10/18 EU Settlement Scheme private beta 1 key findings of the first test phase of the EU Settlement Scheme

31/10/18 Civil news: prior authority requests and supporting evidence new facility to upload documents/supporting documents when submitting prior authority request for particular costs

31/10/18 Civil news: speeding up dual-stage emergency applications tips to reduce the risk of nullified certificates and process applications faster

31/10/18 Updated lists Register of licensed sponsors: workers ; Register of licensed sponsors: students

31/10/18 Updated guidance Terms and conditions for booking and taking the Life in the UK test ; Application for refunds or complaints about a Life in the UK test no changes specified

30/10/18 CPIN Albania: Blood feuds stated changes: updated country information

30/10/18 EU Settlement Scheme pilot: applicant information for applicants to the EU Settlement Scheme during the pilot running from 1 November to 21 December 2018

30/10/18 CPIN Zimbabwe: women fearing gender-based harm or violence stated changes: updated country information and analysis sections

29/10/18 UK Parliament news Committee criticises Government’s response to migration report

29/10/18 Outline of new judicial analysis on asylum procedures and non-refoulement by European Asylum Support Office – comprehensive 200-page analysis aimed at members of courts and tribunals

29/10/18 Turkey: country policy and information notes stated change: removal of CPIN Turkey: journalists guidance

29/10/18 CPIN Ukraine: Military service stated changes: country information updated and assessment updated to take account of recent caselaw and of updated country information

26/10/18 List European passport return service: England added details for new office in Warwickshire

26/10/18 Updated form Sponsor a visa applicant: form SU07 no changes are specified

26/10/18 UKVI news story New fund to support vulnerable EU citizens apply for settled status

25/10.18 Walltopia C-451/17 a posted worker is subject to the legislation of the Member State in which his employer is established if he resides there, for purposes of coordination of social security

25/10/18 JCWI legal challenge to settled status full briefing Broken Promises: the EU nationals the government intends to remove after Brexit ; see also EIN article with links to other reports

25/10/18 The hostile environment creeps into criminal courts article in The Justice Gap with link to Call for evidence by Commons Legal on the requirement to provide nationality in the criminal courts

25/10/18 Botos v PPO, Court of Udine, Italy [2018] EWHC 2809 (Admin) extradition was found to be a disproportionate interference with Art 8 rights, in part for inordinate delay

25/10/18 Christy [2018] EWCA Civ 2378 the right of facilitation which was identified in Banger is not subject to the conditions in O v Minister voor Immigratie – case note here

25/10/18 Updated waiver request application form Knowledge of language and Life in the UK Test exemption: long term physical or mental condition no changes are specified

25/10/18 SSHD statement on the use of DNA evidence in immigration applications ; Review into the requirement for DNA evidence in immigration cases ; Parliament news page on this topic

25/10/18 Updated LAA information on Civil processing dates

24/10/18 UKVI Presentation: New UK Visa and Citizenship Customer Journey UKVI presentation leaflet on ILPA with login; also circulated on RLG on 26/10/18

24/10/18 LA, MA, RA, SAA SN/63, 64, 65 and 67/2015 dismissed application for statutory review to SIAC on refusal of naturalisation for relatives of President Assad of Syria

31st October 2018

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