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Legal update for week 24th January 2019 to 30th January 2019

30/1/19 Updated CPIN Zimbabwe: Sexual orientation and gender identity and expression stated changes: update of country information and corresponding review of assessment section after an IAGCI commissioned review in December 2018

30/1/19 News story Civil news: backdating powers in civil cases to be introduced

30/1/19 New CPIN Malaysia: Country Background Note

30/1/19 Updated CPIN Democratic Republic of Congo: Unsuccessful asylum seekers stated changes: updated country information

30/1/19 Updated CPIN Iran: Kurds and Kurdish political groups stated changes: updated country information and reflection in the assessment of the CG case of HB

30/1/19 ILPA Research EU Settled Status Automated Data Checks (login required)

30/1/19 Updated lists Register of licensed sponsors: students ; Register of licensed sponsors: workers

30/1/19 Updated list EU Settlement Scheme: ID document scanner locations updated contact details for Edinburgh, Sandwell, Southampton and Stockton-on-Tees

29/1/19 Updated list European passport return service: England removed Luton office as service no longer offered

29/1/19 Alimuradov v. Russia (App no. 23019/15) detention for removal found to breach Arts 5(1)(f) & (4) as detainee was not removable but no judicial review was available; detention conditions breached Art 3; non-pecuniary damages and costs awarded against Russia

29/1/19 Updated guidance Appeals: civil merits no changes are specified

29/1/19 Updated guidance Employer sponsorship: restricted certificate allocations added figures for January 2019

29/1/19 Article Government outlines its plans for EU immigration in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit and Home Office news story Government outlines no deal arrangements for EU citizens on EU citizens entering the UK after 29 March 2019 in the event of a no deal Brexit

28/1/19 ARC Sudan Country Report see Asylum Research Centre for further info

28/1/19 New guidance European Temporary Leave to Remain in the UK Guidance for EU citizens coming to the UK to visit, study, work or join family if the UK leaves the EU with no Brexit deal

28/1/19 Policy paper EU immigration after free movement ends if there’s no deal transitional immigration arrangements for EU citizens arriving in the UK after free movement has ended if the UK leaves the EU without a deal

28/1/19 Updated CPIN Turkey: Country Background Note Updated country information

28/1/19 Updated CPIN Burma: Critics of the government stated changes: updated country information following IAGCI review, Jan ‘19. Updated assessment, which no longer departs from TS (Political opponents –risk) Burma/Myanmar CG [2013] UKUT 281

28/1/19 Updated guidance Contact details for immigration compliance and enforcement teams stated changes: updated contact details for North and East London

28/1/19 Article Leaked document reveals Home Office concerns over asylum delays, while legal challenge over child delays set to go ahead

28/1/19 Updated guidance Illegal working penalties: codes of practice for employers, 2019 updated code of practice added

28/1/19 Updated guidance Apply for a Tier 4 sponsor licence no changes are specified

28/1/19 Updated guidance Change of name guidance for official documents new use and change of names guidance added

28/1/19 Updated guidance Returns preparation guidance on arranging removals for officers dealing with immigration enforcement matters within the UK – no changes are specified

28/1/19 Updated CPIN Somalia: Majority clans and minority groups in south and central Somalia stated changes: updated country information and assessment

25/1/19 Call for evidence: ‘Adults at Risk’ in immigration detention Chief Inspector calls for evidence by 14/2/19 re: SSHD’s commission to report annually on the Adults at Risk policy

24/1/19 Border control news story UK and France sign action plan to tackle small boat crossings & policy paper UK-France joint action plan on illegal migration across the Channel

24/1/19 Article British Future warns of potential problems with the EU Settlement Scheme as Home Office finds second test phase was a success

24/1/19 Updated guidance Appendix FM 1.0b: family life (as a partner or parent) and private life: 10-year routes stated changes: to reflect rules changes, KO (Nigeria) and Rhuppiah, and minor alterations and corrections

24/1/19 Balandin C-477/17 third country nationals legally staying and working in the EU can rely on Reg 883/2004 on coordination of social security systems and on the procedure in Reg 987/2009 for determination of which social security system applies

23/1/19 Demeter [2019] EWHC 88 (Admin) in a joint appeal against two extradition decisions, matters are to be considered in the round, including Art 8 grounds which should not be argued in relation to each extradition separately

23/1/19 Asiweh [2019] EWCA Civ 13 dismissed appeal against refusal of JR permission where discretion to grant LOTR had not been considered, but the facts relevant to LOTR had been

23/1/19 Press release Dedicated immigration advisers to give EU settled status advice new OISC Level 1 registration scheme EUSS


31st January 2019

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