Legal update for week 20th September 2018 to 26th September 2018

26/9/18 CPIN Somalia (South and Central): Security and humanitarian situation updated country information and analysis

25/9/18 Decision to extend time for LAA tenders verification see this page

25/9/18 IDIs  Chapter 8, section 9: unmarried and same sex relationships – ‘chapter 8: family members transitional arrangements, annex Z, refusal wordings’ is removed as it is no longer in use

25/9/18 Funding instruction on UK resettlement programmes for refugees from Syria and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region to local authorities and healthcare providers

25/9/18 IDIs Chapter 8, section 2: civil partners – ‘chapter 8: family members transitional arrangements, section 2, annex I, refusal wordings’ is removed as it is no longer in use

25/9/18 Updated list Register of licensed sponsors: students

24/9/18 Outline of report by Refugee Support Network for UNICEF on refugee children’s access to education

24/9/18 Updated guidance Customer service commitments: UK Visas and Immigration no specific changes are stated

21/9/18 Updated guidance Nationality checking service: England Maidenhead removed from list

21/9/18 CPIN DRC: Women fearing gender-based harm or violence replaced by 2018 version in which the country information has been updated following the IAGCI commissioned review

21/9/18 Windrush:  update to Home Affairs Select Committee; and UKVI news story re: numbers granted citizenship

21/9/18 Updated forms and guidance Application to transfer indefinite leave to remain in UK: form NTL ;  Settle in the UK on the basis of long residence: form SET(LR) no changes specified

20/9/18 Pham [2018] EWCA Civ 2064 unless resulting in statelessness, deprivation of nationality on conducive to the public good grounds can be justified by a repudiation of loyalty to the state

20/9/18 Updated forms Application to register child under 18 as British Overseas citizen ; Apply to become a British citizen by naturalisation (form AN) ; Application for certificate showing right of abode no changes specified

20/9/18 Updated guidance Illegal working civil penalties: an employer’s guide a link to the right to work checks: employer guidance has been published

20/9/18 Updated guidance Litigation debt – phone numbers updated

20/9/18 Updated guidance European Passport Return Service London Lambeth removed; England Wakefield removed

20/9/18 PRCBC SLF funded legal opinion on the good character test by Ronan Toal

28th October 2020

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