Legal update for week 13th September 2018 to 19th September 2018

19/9/18 RO C-327/18 PPU uncertainty about the law post Brexit does not suspend EU arrest warrants which must still be executed while the UK remains an EU member

19/9/18 Outline of report by Prison Reform Trust and Hibiscus finding inappropriate imprisonment of foreign national and trafficked women

18/9/18 ELU [2018] CSIH 61 unsuccessful asylum appeal Nigeria sur place claim based on political opinion

18/9/18 Outline of Migration Advisory Committee report on EEA migration and post Brexit migration policy

18/9/18  updated to clarify use of evidence following Farooq & Sharif [SN/7/2014 & SN/8/2014]; and use of Royal Prerogative by Security Minister

18/9/18 CPIN Iran: Background information, including actors of protection and internal relocation specified change: inclusion of accepted recommendations from IAGCI

18/9/18 Updated list Register of licensed sponsors: students

17/9/18 ICIBI Inspection on Illegal Working  deadline for submission of evidence extended to 28/9/18

17/9/18 CPIN Vietnam: trafficking specified change: updated country information

17/9/18 CPIN Pakistan:  Christians and Christian converts specified change: updated analysis and country information

14/9/18 Guidance New Zealand: apply for a UK visa updated throughout, no changes specified

14/9/18 Outline of announcement of new form of leave for children from Calais with family ties in the UK

14/9/18 Updated guidance Australia: apply for a UK visa specified change: guidance updated throughout, no individual changes listed

14/9/18 Updated guidance USA: apply for a UK visa routes added: Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) and Appendix FM settlement

13/9/18 SI 2018/999 laid this date, in force 8/10/18 re: no fees payable for Afghan nationals under r276BS3 & their children under r305 and s67 leave under r352ZN; in force 10/10/18 for mobile biometric service fee £650ph

13/9/18 Updated policy paper UK visa fees no changes other than additions of EU settled status £65 adult and £32.50 child; and on-Demand service (Mobile Biometric Enrolment) £650 ph

13/9/18 UKVI technical notes added to information page How to prepare if the UK leaves the EU with no deal , including travel in the EU and common travel area

13/9/18 Call for evidence by Chief Inspector re: application of the Good Character requirement in young persons’ citizenship applications

13/9/18 Prefeta v SSWP  Case C-618/16 the A8 Accession treaty permits exclusion, in the transition period under it, those who did not complete 1 year complying with the WRS, from retention of worker status

13/9/18 Ahmed C-369/17 exclusion from subsidiary protection must not be based solely on the length of the sentence in that member state but requires investigation of seriousness of the crime

12/9/18 CPIN Vietnam: opposition to the state specified change: updated country information

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