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Legal update for week 10th January 2019 to 16th January 2019

16/1/19 Updated lists Register of licensed sponsors: workers ; Register of licensed sponsors: students

16/1/19 Updated guidance Good character: nationality policy guidance full list of updates on p6 of the policy, inc. new sections on minors, discharges, detention and training orders, extremism, deportation orders, NHS debt and failing to pay litigation costs

15/1/19 Information page UKVI’s new front end services: what you need to know stated change: updated Service and Support Centres (SSCs) information

15/1/19 Updated Form Guidance Application to register child under 18 as British subject stated change: updated Guide MN4 (no changes to the guide are specified)

15/1/19 Updated Modernised Guidance 3C and 3D leave stated change: clarification that where an appeal is withdrawn and a new application is then made the new application does not extend section 3C leave

15/1/19 Updated Modernised Guidance Studying under Tier 4 of the points-based system stated changes: renaming of ‘former metropolitan police district’ to ‘Greater London Area’ and amendment to ‘acceptable evidence of funds’ where these are provided by a third party

15/1/19 Updated Modernised Guidance Points-based system: Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) stated changes: a number of changes following the changes to the rules of 10/1/19

14/1/19 Article Government to grant appeal rights for EEA extended family members refused a residence card

14/1/19 Further Draft Remedial Order Good character requirement: draft remedial order removing the Good Character requirement in applications for citizenship registration under ss4F, 3C, 4G, 4H and 4I BNA 1981 (to come into effect Spring 2019 subject to parliamentary scrutiny)

14/1/19 Brexit Correspondence Letter from the Attorney General to the Prime Minister on the Northern Ireland Protocol ; Exchange of letters between the UK and EU on the Northern Ireland backstop

14/1/19 Information Page Applying for a visa to come to the UK stated purpose: compare visas to visit, work, study or join a family member already in the UK

14/1/19 Article Report finds trafficked and unaccompanied children remain at high risk of going missing

11/1/19 Amsar (Isle of Man: free movement) [2019] UKUT 12 the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands have only a limited relationship with the EU, thus work there does not amount to ‘exercise of treaty rights’

11/1/19 AMA (Article 1C(5) – proviso – internal relocation) [2019] UKUT 11 change of circumstances in country of origin did not meet high test for cessation of refugee status; decision also addresses role of past persecution and applicability of ‘compelling reasons’ in Art 1C(5) of the 1951 Convention

11/1/19 R (on app of Ahmed) (para 276B – ten years lawful residence) [2019] UKUT 10 refusal of long residence application upheld as r276B(v) was not applicable to the circumstances

11/1/19 R (on app of MS) (a child by his litigation friend MAS) v SSHD (Dublin III; duty to investigate) [2019] UKUT 9 on the duty of investigation in repeated take charge requests and on the scope of JRs challenging refusals to take charge

11/1/19 Updated Policy Guidance Sponsor a Tier 2 or 5 worker: guidance for employers stated changes on p12 of the guidance

11/1/19 New CPIN Iran: Ahwazis and Ahwazi political groups

11/1/19 Updated Policy Guidance Applications for UK Tier 4 student visas stated change: guidance updated in line with changes to the Immigration Rules of 10/1/19

11/1/19 Updated LAA information page Work out who qualifies for civil legal aid stated changes: Civil Legal Aid Merits, Civil Legal Aid Procedure Regulations, and Civil Legal Aid Financial Resources delegated authority documents updated

10/1/19 Updated Collection Assisted Digital service: UK Visas and Immigration stated changes: updated information for Tier 1 (entrepreneurs or exceptional talent) and for Tiers 2&4

10/1/19 Updated Sponsorship Guidance Sponsor a Tier 4 student: guidance for educators stated changes: all 4 documents are updated (all have sections ‘changes since last publication’)

10/1/19 Inspection Report outline An inspection of the Home Office’s approach to the identification and safeguarding of vulnerable adults with links to the report and HO response – see also EIN article

10/1/19 New Pilot Immigration Rules Appendix U: Seasonal Worker Scheme

10/1/19 New CPIN Occupied Palestinian Territories : Background information, including actors of protection, and internal relocation

10/1/19 Brexit Protocol 1 to the EEA Agreement (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2018 amends Protocol 1 to the EEA Agreement by which EU law is currently applied to and in the EEA EFTA states

10/1/19 Updated Policy Guidance Guidance on policy for UK visas under Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) no changes are specified

10/1/19 Updated Policy Guidance Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) endorsement review form stated change: updated codes of practice for competent bodies: Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) in line with changes to the Immigration Rules

10/1/19 Adegun, R (on app of) [2019] EWHC 22 (Admin) unlawful detention case involving failure to recognise and treat mental illness

10/1/19 Changes to the Immigration Rules, introduced by HC 1779 to all Tiers of the PBS, majority coming into force today – see Explanatory Memorandum

17th January 2019

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