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Important Information of the Last Few Days

As we start a new week in a new era, we have aimed to assemble the most important information of the last few days.

1. Current information on immigration listings

  (a) A few selected FTT appeals to proceed at TH and HX this Monday and Tuesday (letter from Chamber President to ILPA 21 March 2020): hopefully the online hearing lists will show which ones 

  (b) All other FTT appeals to be adjourned for the time being – we can reasonably presume that active case management will follow and early creative thinking is a good idea

“Applications for bail and emergency work will continue to be given priority but, save in exceptional circumstances, applications and hearings will be conducted remotely…

within the next few days we expect to send notice to the parties in all cases that they should engage with us so that wherever possible evidence and submissions are lodged by electronic means.  Remote case management will follow so that our judges may decide whether individual appeals may be decided without a hearing, in accordance with our Procedure Rules and, if not, whether a hearing may proceed remotely by means of Skype, Microsoft Teams or similar technology.”

   (c) All UT appeals and JRs adjourned at 4pm on Friday 20th March via a general email to the sector from Surrinder Singh of MoJ

   (d) Administrative Court hearings may well proceed using Skype for Business though presumably directions will herald this

2. Urgent immigration JRs comprising or including T483 forms can now be filed via and the UT will treat this as an implied undertaking to pay the fee, and will revert to collect it

3. Bar Council has extended practising certificate deadline to 31 May 2020

4. Key workers are defined as including advocates required to appear before a court or tribunal, including prosecutors

Information posted by HJT on behalf of Mark Symes

23rd March 2020

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