Immigration News Weekly Roundup – 30 June 2023

Plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda ruled unlawful

High Court rules Rwanda Policy as unlawful on Thursday 29 June. Read full judgement here


Illegal Migration Bill: Government accused of ignoring international law during House of Lords defeats – SKY News

The government suffered a series of setbacks on its Illegal Migration Bill in the House of Lords on Wednesday, amid fierce opposition from peers. One of the amendments passed by the ermined legislators included a requirement for the government to abide by a series of international agreements such as the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights, the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, and the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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Home Office must process asylum claim every four minutes to clear backlog by January – The Guardian

A new briefing paper from the Refugee Council published on Wednesday has calculated that 10,630 backlog cases need to be resolved every month between now and December if Sunak is to meet his target. That equates to 354 cases a day or one case every four minutes.

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Allowing asylum seekers to work in UK would add over £1bn to economy as cross-party MPs back change – iNews

Landmark new analysis has found that lifting the restrictions on asylum seekers working could save the UK economy billions each year. The Government is under pressure to lift the ban on asylum seekers working, as landmark new analysis reveals the UK economy could add £1.6bn to its GDP every year by changing the policy. Cross-party MPs and pressure groups have urged No10 to axe the legislation to boost economic growth, fill labour shortages and support asylum seekers stuck in the UK’s backlogged system.

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Clearsprings: Home Office asylum contractor prices out homeless – BBC News

The Home Office has been accused of leaving people homeless by outbidding councils in a fierce competition for scarce accommodation. Several local authorities have lost out to a Home Office contractor finding properties to house asylum seekers.

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Home Office delays have devastating effect on child asylum seekers – The Guardian

Lone child asylum seekers are facing fivefold increases in delays in having their claims processed by the Home Office, with devastating consequences, according to a new report. Social workers, legal professionals and the children themselves have warned that the impact of being left in limbo about their future for so long includes the risk of suicide, self-harm and persistent insomnia.

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Expanding opportunities for international football player recruitment – the Home Office relaxes the requirements for the recruitment of international players – Freeths

The Football Association (FA) has announced a significant change to the requirements football clubs in the Premier League and English Football League (EFL) must satisfy when seeking to bring international players to the UK to play for English clubs, allowing clubs to sign international players who do not meet the current requirements of the points-based system, but who show exceptional promise. This change, which was effective from the opening of the transfer window on 14th June 2023, will make it much easier for clubs to bring in players who show significant promise and to recruit the next generation of international, elite players.

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  • Caseworker Guidance:  Financial requirement has been updated on 28th June 2023. To view the Guidance, click here


  • Impact assessments covering migration policy has been updated on 28th June 2023. To view the report, click here


  • Statutory guidance Marriage and civil partnership investigation has been updated on 28th June 2023. To view the Guidance, click here


  • Transparency data: Migrants detected crossing the English Channel in small boats has been updated on 28th June 2023. To view the data, click here


  • Collection Support for Afghans to find settled accommodation has been updated on 27th June 2023. To view the collection, click here


  • Afghan schemes: letters on UK accommodation policy changes has been published on 27th June 2023.  To view the correspondence, click here


  • Guidance Refugee Employability Programme has been updated on 27th June 2023.  To view the collection, click here


  • Policy paper – Illegal Migration Bill: overarching documents has been updated on 26th June 2023.  To view the Paper, click here

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