Immigration News Weekly Roundup – 28 April 2023

Illegal Migration Bill paves way through the House of Lords – UK Parliament

Following a favour of 289 votes from the MPs, the Illegal Migration Bill passed its third reading this week and is now entering the House of Lords. To view the Bill and amendment papers, visit the Parliament’s website here

New measures to stop the boats in Illegal Immigration Bill – Home Office

The Government has tabled number of amendments this week will help to speed up the removal of people, with no right to be here and enhance safeguards for unaccompanied children who cross the Channel in small boats. To read the full article, click here

Suella Braverman: small boat arrivals have ‘values at odds with our country’ – The Guardian

Suella Braverman has said people who enter the UK illegally after crossing the Channel on small boats “possess values which are at odds with our country” as well as “heightened levels of criminality”. The Home Secretary refused to criticise claims by the immigration minister Robert Jenrick that people who cross the Channel to seek asylum in the UK threatened to “cannibalise” the UK’s compassion. To read the full article, click here

Illegal migrants fuelling crime and prostitution, warns Suella Braverman – The Telegraph

Home Secretary says people arriving by back channels are ‘very quickly involved in drug trade’ as her small boats Bill clears Commons. To read the full article, click here

Suella Braverman rules out introducing safe routes for Sudan asylum seekers after fighting – SKY News

Asked whether the UK was going to “start looking at safe routes for refugees from Sudan”, Home Secretary Ms Braverman replied: “We have no plans to do that. “Our focus, first and foremost, right now, and bearing in mind this is a fast-moving situation and a complex situation, is to support British nationals and their dependents.” To read the full article, click here

Milestone reached in UK-Albania agreement on illegal migration

Following the landmark joint communiqué between the Prime Ministers of Albania and the UK on tackling illegal migration, operational teams in the UK and Albania have intensified operational work to address illegal migration, particularly the small boat crossings in the English Channel. Over 1,000 Albanian nationals have been returned since the UK-Albania joint communiqué was signed on 13 December. To read the full article, click here

Moped delivery drivers from major firms targeted for illegal working

Following an increase in immigration offences by gig workers in the region, Home Office teams have stepped up action to tackle illegal working and this week arrested drivers working for companies including Deliveroo, JustEat and UberEats. A week-long crackdown on illegal working by delivery drivers from major firms has resulted in 60 arrests across London and the south. To read the full article, click here

Shared rooms, rancid food, no clothes: new report lays bare shocking conditions of those seeking refuge in UK – The Guardian

Asylum seekers have been forced to live for a year in windowless rooms smaller than prison cells, served food so dire it is blamed for causing diabetes, and have spent days in their underwear because they only have one change of clothes. To read the full article, click here

Refugees sent to Rwanda at risk of a deadly malaria variant – The Guardian

Rwanda has holoendemic falciparum malaria, i.e. high malaria transmission of the most deadline malaria variant, in all areas, in all seasons. Rwandan adults have a reasonable level of immunity, although they can get malaria and become seriously unwell. Immunity is developed through years of recurrent childhood infections, which many children do not survive. To read the full article, click here

Sunak’s asylum plans risk breaching UK’s rights obligations, says watchdog – The Guardian

Rishi Sunak’s flagship asylum legislation risks breaching international obligations to protect human rights and could expose vulnerable people to serious harm, the UK’s equality watchdog has said. In an unusual intervention before the Commons report stage of the legislation on Tuesday, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said the illegal migration bill would remove protections for victims of trafficking and restrict rights to asylum. To read the full article, click here


AAA & others v The Secretary of State for the Home Department

In December 2022, the King’s Bench Divisional Court dismissed challenges made through judicial review against the decision of the SSHD that asylum claims would not be decided in the UK, but rather in Rwanda, following arrangements made by both governments. The court addressed claims made by 11 individuals and several organizations, with the UNHCR intervening. The court ruled that it was lawful for people to be sent to Rwanda and for their claims to be decided there, and that the UK government could rely on the Memorandum of Understanding and notes to ensure safety.

The case has been heard in Court of Appeal before the Lord Chief Justice The Master of the Rolls Lord Justice Underhill, Vice President of the Court of Appeal, Civil Division.

Represented by : Sonali Naik KCAdrian BerryMark Symes & Isaac Ricca-Richardson of Garden Court Chambers acting for the appellant, AS, instructed by Iain Palmer of Barnes, Harrild & Dyer Solicitors   – David Sellwood acting for the appellant, RS, instructed by Daniel Merriman of Wilsons Solicitors London

Watch this space for the reported decision.

An inspection of visit visa operations – Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, December 2022 – January 2023

The ICIBI recently published a report on the efficiency, effectiveness and consistency of the Home Office Visas Status and Information services in relation to the visit visas.

The controversial Streaming Tool which was suspended due to legal action by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) and the digital rights group Foxglove, has been replaced by an interim workflow routing solution. The JCWI and Foxglove claimed that the Streaming Tool discriminated on the basis of nationality and breached the Equality Act 2010.

Amongst the areas of improvement, the report notes: “The inspection found that equality impact assessments and other important policy documents were of good quality, but that reviews of these materials were not routinely being undertaken. A tighter review process would ensure that these are done according to a regular schedule, or when a change to policy or approach is proposed.”

To download the report, click here


  • Transparency data Migrants detected crossing the English Channel in small boats has been updated on 26th April 2023. To download the data, click here
  • Guidance Immigration Rules archive: 12 April 2023 to 12 April 2023 has been updated on 26th April 2023. To view the full archive, click here
  • Official Statistics relating to the Illegal Migration Bill have been updated on 25th April 2023. To download the data, click here
  • Guidance Support for Afghans to find settled accommodation has been published on 25th April 2023. To view the Guidance, click here
  • Policy paper Illegal Migration Bill: factsheets have been updated on 24th April 2023. To view the Paper, click here
  • Collection of Migration statistics has been updated on 24th April 2023. To view the full collection, click here
  • Guidance Making a complaint in immigration removal centres DCF9 form has been updated on 21st April 2023. To access the Guidance, click here
  • Guidance Use of restraints for escorted moves has been updated on 21st April 2023. To download the Guidance, click here
  • Impact Assessments covering migration policy has been updated on 21st April 2023. To view the full collection, click here
  • Policy paper Response to a report on an inspection of visit visa operations has been published on 20th April 2023.  To view the Paper, click here
  • Transparency data Ukraine Visa Schemes has been updated on 20th April 2023. To view the data, click here
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