How to prepare a Business Plan for OISC Application

In the intricate realm of UK immigration advice and services, the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) plays a pivotal role in ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct. As part of the OISC Level 1 application process, a well-crafted business plan is an essential requirement and seen as a testament to the strength and viability of your organisation.

The Significance of an OISC Level 1 Business Plan

The OISC recognises the paramount importance of a robust business plan in determining the long-term sustainability and credibility of an OISC Level 1 immigration advice provider. Code 51 of the OISC regulations explicitly states that organisations must have a business plan for the current business year, along with cash flow and funding projections. This requirement serves as a cornerstone for the OISC’s assessment of your organisation’s ability to deliver reliable and ethical immigration advice and services.

Key Elements of a Successful OISC Level 1 Business Plan

  1. Clearly Defined OISC Level 1 Objectives: Your business plan should outline both your short-term and long-term objectives, articulating how your organisation aims to achieve its goals within the next year and the subsequent two years.
  2. Organisational Structure and Responsibilities: Ensure that your OISC Level 1 business plan includes details about the individual who holds the specific overall responsibility for those providing immigration advice or services within your organisation. This demonstrates your commitment to strong governance and accountability.
  3. OISC Level 1 Market Analysis and Competitive Advantage: Provide a thorough understanding of the UK immigration sector and the environment in which your organisation will operate. Highlight your organisation’s unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis), as well as your competitive advantages.
  4. Financial Projections and OISC Level 1 Stability: Your business plan should include detailed cash flow forecasts and funding projections, showcasing your organisation’s financial viability and ability to sustain its operations. Demonstrate your understanding of the financial requirements, such as start-up costs, ongoing expenses, and revenue generation.
  5. Training and Professional Development for OISC Level 1: Outline your plans for investing in the training and development of your staff, ensuring that they maintain the necessary knowledge and skills to provide high-quality immigration advice and services. By subscribing to credible platform such as HJT’s Mastering Immigration Law, you can demonstrate fulfilling this commitment in advance.
  6. OISC Level 1 Marketing and Outreach Strategies: Describe your marketing approaches, including how you intend to reach and engage with your target clients. Highlight your use of technology, online services, and business relationships to enhance your organisation’s reach and effectiveness.

By crafting a well-researched business plan to register yourself as an independent OISC advisor, you demonstrate to the OISC your commitment to running a viable, sustainable, and ethical organisation. This comprehensive document serves as a roadmap for your success, guiding your decision-making and serving as a reflection to your  dedication to becoming an OISC advisor and adherence with the OISC’s Code of Standards. By investing the time and effort to create a compelling business plan, you not only fulfil a regulatory requirement but also position your organisation for long-term success and the trust of both the OISC and your prospective clients.

Beyond the Business Plan: Preparing Your OISC Application with HJT Training

While the business plan is a crucial component of the OISC application process, it is just one of the many important document formalities for becoming a regulated immigration advisor.

To help aspiring OISC immigration advice providers navigate these requirements, HJT Training has scheduled a live online course Setting up an OISC Firm

This comprehensive 2-hour training session will provide attendees with invaluable guidance on meeting the OISC’s strict criteria. Delivered by subject matter expert, Antonia Randall Brandwood the online training will offer delegates the opportunity to clarify any doubts or uncertainties they may have regarding the application process.

Understanding the OISC’s requirements can be a time-consuming endeavour, but this training promises to resolve all enquiries and provide the correct guidance, saving the delegates tremendous time and effort.

Once our delegates have a clear understanding of what is required, they can then truly focus on collating and preparing the necessary documents in accordance with the OISC’s code of practice, accelerating their application process!

For more information or to register for this essential training, please visit here

If you are reading this blog after the scheduled training date of 8th July 2024, please do not hesitate to reach out to HJT Training directly to explore your options for OISC application preparation support. Enquiries welcome at or call us on 07544164692

By Shareen Khan
Content Writer, HJT Training

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