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HJT Training empowers immigration lawyers to give the best advice to their clients. But the brilliance of your legal skills and knowledge won’t get you very far if you don’t have strong systems to manage your caseload.

Two of the HJT Training directors are barristers with 50 years’ experience between them of running immigration cases. We recently had the opportunity to trial a new product which we want to recommend to you. Namely the Case Management System, Good Law Software.  And we’d firmly recommend it to you. For once it’s a system that doesn’t shoehorn your immigration practice into a generic template. The product of a decade of careful design by an experienced immigration lawyer with a focussed IT team’s support.

This allows you to

  • – Identify cases by immigration route so that you know just where to find templates and share knowledge
  • – Follow the progress of your case at every stage
  • – Review last actions and detailed attendance notes instantly
  • – View the information presented compatibly with a real immigration case’s progress through advice, applications, decisions and appeals/reviews
  • – Link client records where they are family members or otherwise related
  • – Carry out conflict of interest checks in an instant
  • – Set timely reminders for casework actions from key dates for evidence collection to visa renewal deadlines
  • – Send emails from within the GLS which are automatically linked to the case file, including consultation appointments, readily accessing standard letters
  • – Send hard copy post from your office at the click of a button – and monitor the progress of recorded deliveries

If you are managing a team, you can

  • – Earmark a case according to its complexity so that the right fee earner takes it on
  • – See the current caseloads by type of case and current deadlines to work out who needs a break and who can take on something extra
  • – Monitor success at taking on cases

All of this is within a highly secure GDPR-compatible platform you can access remotely or from the office. Backed up by a dedicated IT support line.

We will be showcasing the GLS at our training sessions.

Express interest or for a free demo, fill in below and someone from the GLS team will get back to you


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